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  1. H

    Dual boot from dual media.

    Hi I need a help I have a 250gb Samsung SSD and 1TB Seagate HDD in my computer. I want to install Windows 10 pro inSSD for personal use and Ubuntu and Fedora in HDD, for study purposes. I already done that, but won’t boot. Anybody please give me step by step instructions to do the same. Haridas
  2. G

    How is Newegg India's return policy?

    Hi, I am from India and I am planning to build a pc. I was browsing through the items in newegg and I found it way cheaper than what amazon offers. Anyway, my question is have anyone bought something from newegg india? How is the return policy of the website, specifically for defective or wrong...
  3. awesome.gamer1987

    What upgrades could I use for my old PC?

    Im looking to see if i would be able to upgrade some components on my old PC, for example like could i add a gtx 1060 or better processor, or more ram? I want to know so i wont need to buy a new PC, i want to see if my pc can have upgrades so it can become a great gaming rig and enough to video...
  4. D

    Try to find HyperX RAM (HX316C9SR/8) compatible mohterboard with b250/H270/Z270 chipset

    So I decided to build budget PC with G4560 CPU. While searching for parts I found HyperX HX316C9SR/8 8gb RAM for $49! New from store. Then I tried to find compatible motherboard and can't find any. By compatible I mean go to MB manufacture site and check RAM compatibility for this RAM model...
  5. D

    Sir,I Have A Hp 15 R119Tu Laptop.It was Working nice but suddenly Laptop Does Not sTart When Iam Trying to On Laptop It on And

    Actually What happens I Bought HP15 R119TU about 1 Year Ago.It works Fines Now it was Not working Because When I Trying To On It it suddenly shutdown Does not Boot.What I do
  6. S

    Which Ram should I get?

    Should I get 16gb ddr4 or 32gb ddr4 ram? here's a link to the motherboard I'm getting-
  7. K

    What should I upgrade for my current build?

    I play mostly blizzard games, most on high. But I would like to play on ultra. I am not too tech savy and would love some help. I was thinking of upgrading my video card up to maybe a GTX1060 or getting another 8gig, because of the heavy multitasking I do, but would love some advice before...
  8. A

    ASRock 990FX Killer Bios Flashing not working

    So i messed up and accidentally updated the bios on my pc. The new bios on my pc keeps booting and telling me that my cpu isn't on the supported cpu list. I'm trying to flash it back to P1.30 so i can once again use my computer but I keep getting the "no image file detected" message despite...
  9. I

    PC won't turn on. What I'm doing wrong?

    Hi, I looked a lot in this and other forums, youtube and everything I found but I'm getting crazy. I just got this build: Phanteks Eclipse P400 Intel Core I7-7700K 4.2GHz BOX MSI Z370 SLI PLUS MSI CORE FROZR L Corsair CS750M 750W 80 Plus Gold Modular MSI GeForce GTX 1080 ARMOR OC 8GB...
  10. calebao

    Question about my PSU cables (URGENT)

    My old PSU died. Bought a new one (Corsair CX 650 80+ Bronze 650w) and as I was installing it, I realized there where two places that the PSU did not have cables for them (sysfan2 and sysfan3), the old one had. What do I do? This cable above was the one connected to sysfan2, and there was...