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  1. M

    Question Intel Atom Processor C3758 for NVR with a mix of 12 COAX & IP Cameras?

    Hi, I am looking to build a hybrid COAX and IP Camera NVR (12 cameras total) using a "system on chip" mobo if possible (perhaps this Supermicro board The COAX cameras will be connect to a Geovision GV-800 PCI-E card, which I...
  2. M

    Question Atom thin client / mini pc

    Hello can anybody suggest to me pre built thin client / mini pc's with the following minimum spec: CPU: Must be Intel Atom segment 1.66Ghz+ Ram: 4GB Wi Fi enabled 128GB SSD (no emmc please!) Capable of running Windows 10 Fanless design That costs less than £75 inc p&p (happy if used /...
  3. B

    Question intel atom

    is there any way too cool atom CPU with a fan? heatpipe broke - not cooling suffiecently and system keeps shuting down. it is a Shuttle X50-V2 all in one so the space inside is prety tight.. any advice apreciated.
  4. T

    Compatibility of Build

    Wondering if my wishlist has all parts that will work together, no issues, thank you
  5. 1

    Custom pc advice

    I'm new to building my own PC and I was wondering what more experienced people might think of my current build. I feel like it's pretty solid but if there are any things that would make more sense to use please tell me. Here is my build...
  6. Ce3in

    Should I get trifire 7970 or a GTX 780?

    I'm looking for graphic cards and I stumbled upon the 7970 windforce cards that were really cheap. I could get 3 for about $600. Should I trifire 7970s or get a new GTX 780? In case you're wondering, my CPU is an i7 4790k.
  7. T

    Computer will only boot BIOS =[

    PLEASE NOTE: I dont care about the hard drive at this point, i only care about fixing the BIOS So my friend told me he is having trouble with his computer, He told me that there was a problem with the hard drive and that is all he knows. In my mind i was thinking he was talking about a Tower...
  8. James T Kirk USS Enterprise

    Does XP use 850 Mb of RAM?

    hello, i am baffled. nice to meet you. does anyone has some basic knowledge. i know about computers, but i'm not sure about this one... maybe someone can help? if i am running xp my drivers and OS shouldn't take up 850 Mb of RAM should it?
  9. DarkSable

    How can you make an OEM Win 8.1 USB Install Key?

    Heya guys! The title should say it all. After running windows 8, erm, enterprise, while I saved up funds, I was now able to purchase windows 8.1. I've got an OEM CD and CD key, and I'm trying to put it onto a USB stick and make that stick bootable. I tried the method google prompts, using the...
  10. T

    how to start windows normally instead of windows repair

    I tried to start my windows normally but when I do it automatically goes to windows repair , once it trys to repair it & restart the process repeats it self x_x