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  1. N3d14

    Question Is anyone in the Austin TX area having problems with AT&T?

    I live near Austin and starting about a week ago I started getting intermittent packet loss (every 10-20 seconds) completely out of the blue. Ran multiple ping tests, and traceroutes, and have a ping plotter log showing that the packet loss doesn't start until it hops to an AT&T IP address whose...
  2. D

    Question How to test whether or not my AT&T Fiber BGW210-700 router is faulty ?

    I use AT&T fiber 1 gbps speed through a 2 year-old BGW210-700. This then has outputs to ports in various rooms in my home. From one of those ports I have a Cat6 to my gaming desktop computer. About 2 weeks ago I noticed terrible lag between my client and the server of an online game I play. It...
  3. Game_lifter95

    Question Can a 2.5G port support 5GbE?

    Hello IT wizards🧙🏻‍♂️ For context I currently have 1GbE (Gigibit Ethernet) proved by AT&T fiber. After randomly strolling through their website I noticed AT&T now offers up to 5GbE in my area!? So of course I want to upgrade to the max. Now for my question, I am also upgrading my Wi-Fi router...
  4. OMGItsTrauma

    [SOLVED] AT&T not giving the low latency I expect

    I have fairly decent fiber internet from at&t but for some reason it has some really bad latency issues. For example , if I am playing a game such as League of legends or Rainbow Six: Seige I could have an average of maybe 30-60 ping but thing thing is there is a constant spike in that putting...
  5. J

    [SOLVED] Getting AT&T Fiber to a Different Building

    Our family lives in a rural area that has very limited access to Internet. Currently we only have satellite internet, with a data cap that frequently gets used up. However, we also own a model home only about 2/5's of a mile away which has AT&T fiber internet with no data cap installed. We'd...
  6. R

    Question Two of my own routers on AT&T Fiber Internet.

    I want to use two of my own routers with my AT&T Fiber internet. Basically, i want to use one of them as the main router to use instead of the one provided by AT&T (Motorola NVG589) but i also have a second router which i was thinking of using to get coverage in another part of the house...