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  1. BlockyPenguin

    Question What power cables do I need to plug into my motherboard?

    I have a Gigabyte Z490 Vision G motherboard, a 10th Gen Intel Core i7-10700K CPU (not overclocked), and a Corsair TX750M PSU. I've connected the 24-pin power cable from the PSU into the mobo, do I also need to plug in the ATX 12V 2x2 and/or 2x4? If so, where would I find them on the PSU? Thanks!
  2. MarkB94

    [SOLVED] System not posting with 4 sticks of RAM installed

    I tried installing an additional 2 sticks of 8GB DDR4 3200Mhz memory into my system and my system wont POST, the EzDebug LED light shows red for CPU. It works fine when I have just 2 sticks installed, I have tested all 4 sticks and they work, just not with all 4 plugged in at the same time. The...
  3. F

    Info Solved (don't know how to delete thread)

    SOLVED: Turns out I was plugging in the 12v ATX connector the wrong way
  4. Matheus R

    [SOLVED] I put 4 pin psu cable wrong, pls help

    Update: After I check up everything I forgot to install the standoffs, and now my computor is working fine! After all the atx problem was nothing... When building my new computer I didn't check which of the two 4 pin connectors coming from my psu I put into my motherboard, and accidently put...
  5. T

    Question [Solved] Window box dies 3-4 seconds after turning on

    While using my windows 10 computer it abruptly died. Upon reboot, internal leds light briefly on and fan spins, then stops no beeps. I disconnected: all usb devices all external cables Try restart, same behavior Vacuumed and reset cmos, still misbehaving! unplug all ram restart same...
  6. basal

    [SOLVED] can i connect atx psu into intel nuc (mini pc) with egpu

    So I want to power my Nuc with ATX psu and the reason is I built my own egpu and i would like to throw the nuc in there powered by the same psu for the egpu which makes it a full small size gamic pc in a way. the nuc needs= 19v maximum 10a maximum 120w atx psu have 12v output so i thought i...
  7. JorgeIcarus

    [SOLVED] What is going on with my Gigabyte GA-Z97X-SOC-Force? Or is it my Corsair AX1200i PSU?

    Hello everyone, I am lost. For a couple of weeks I have had this "clicking" noise coming from my case. At regular 10-12 seconds intervals. Of course, I thought this was one of the magnetic 4TB Seagate HDDs failing. SMART test and surface test as well were negative, though. I tried to disconnect...
  8. willcaddy

    [SOLVED] Could my Power Supply voltage being out of spec cause USBs to drop out and kernel power BSOD?

    Hello everyone :) I have been having some weird issues for a good few months now. Randomly without warning, the USBs will drop out (such as audio interface and USB HDDs) and then come back again almost instantly. I also have random blue screens when I start the computer up and when I check it...
  9. S

    [SOLVED] Two atx power plugs on x570 Asus Motherboard

    My Tuf x570 motherboard has two cpu/apx connectors, one 8 pin one 4 pin on the mother board. They rite next to each other. My EVGA power supply has to CPU outputs also, CPU1 and CPU2. Do I put power to both the motherboard ATX plugs 8 and 4 pin?
  10. T

    Question Soldering a new atx12v connector?

    Recently my PC has been cutting out where fans and rgb spin and light up but that's all it does. Usually a reset fixed it But last night it didn't. Upon disassembling my PC, I find that the blue atx12 p4 connector has been burned on one of the 12v rails and is likely the cause of the shutdowns...
  11. I

    [SOLVED] 4+4 pin ATX 12V == 8 pin PCI-E ?

    Recently, I bought a gtx 970 which is powered through an 8 pin PCI-E connection. My power supply only has a double 4 pin 12V connector. As far as I've heard, these are only for the motherboard or CPUs, but it fits into the PCI-E slot. Will it work?
  12. D

    Could the problem be the Power Supply? Please help!

    Hi! Please hear me out and share your thoughts! I really really need help! My specs are: I7 2600k, P8Z68 Pro, 16 gb Ram, GTX 590, RAIDER PSU 750W, Win7 x64! The power supply worked with this GPU for 7 or 8 months without problems! My GPU started to crash with blue screens, and after...