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    Question Audio Cuts and i have to disable/enable my headset in sounds

    Hi, I've been having a problem where if i have too many programs or windows playing audio, or if im playing a game with an advanced sound engines, my audio will cut out and for it to work again i have to open up sounds and go to playback and disable then enable the device. It does this on all of...
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    Question Pc freezes for 2 sec while watching videos on youtube

    For about a year now i've been getting freezes while watching videos on youtube, while the freeze happens my audio cuts off, fans stop spinning and my screen freezes after that period of time the fans start spinning and everything is ok but it still occurs when i watch videos. While i play...
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    Help! Catalyst Control Center not working After Windows 8.1 Update

    Alright so: I have a laptop with an AMD radeon HD 8670m gpu and i3 cpu. Ive been playing league of legends for almost 2 years now with no problems until today. My laptop automatically restarted to update to windows 8.1 and c.c.c. stopped working. Without it, my computer runs league with the...