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  1. F

    Question realtek high definition audio not working

    hi, ive had an issue with my audio driver, my audio driver seems to not work, i have reinstalled it several times, but it does not show up in my device manager or console panel. it shows up as a file, but i cannot run it. this has happened before but i managed to fix it, unfortunately i cannot...
  2. lordvanko

    Question Realtek going crazy

    Title says it all. This started ocurring 2-3 days ago. Out of no where my realtek starts saying ive plugged, and unplugged a device (opening and closing non stop).Any fix?
  3. K

    Question No audio in certain games.

    Okay so most games I play are fine but then I get on Rust and it is like my audio is nonexistent. I have tried changing the settings in and out of game, I have tried updating drivers, and I have also tried it with other headsets. Please help!! In case you are wondering I am using Windows 10 and...
  4. B

    Renaming PCIe m.2 drives in Windows 10

    How do I rename PCIe m.2 drives? I recently built a new PC using the ASUS X99-DELUXE II motherboard which has an on-board PCIe m.2 slot and support bracket, and includes a PCIe card adapter for a second PCIe m.2 card. I installed two MyDigitalSSD 240 GB PCIe SSD drives with no problem and I...
  5. B

    Which GTX 1060?
  6. B

    cpu overheating to 90c and makes some weird noice

    Alright, i have a 7 year old pc sporting a e2220 with no graphics card. since it doesnt have a dedicated gpu, i use this mainly for watching videos and school works. recently for the past 2 months i've been receiving loud noise from my pc. now i found out my cpu was frying at 90celcius. is there...
  7. U

    Sold my PC on eBay, what do I need to do to ensure all of my data is wiped off the PC?

    I recently sold my gaming PC on eBay and I need to send it off by tomorrow. I have data installed on both the HDD and SSD which I want wiped off before I send it. How would I go about doing this? and how will I ensure the operating system (windows 7 professional) stays on the PC for the next...
  8. P

    Laptop screen goes black when moved

    Hi, I have a laptop and the screen turns off every time I move it. This happens only when the AC adapter is not connected. In case I connect the charger, the screen comes back to life. It is a dell laptop. Also, it does not mean the laptop is shut down. Just that the screen goes black and there...
  9. W

    PC freezes when installing windows 7

    Hi all first time poster here it goes. I've just built a new PC, I'm trying to install a Windows 7 64bit to it VIA a USB and I get past the part where the grey line says "Loading Windows Files" I continue to set the Language ect. continue on to where I can format my SSD and HDD which I have...
  10. P

    Which graphics card should I use?

    I've been looking around for graphics cards recently and I was going to get for $189 after rebates, but I found for less then $20 more at a faster clock speed and higher ram. Now...
  11. J

    Laptop having freezing problems.

    Recently bought a custom laptop from sager notebooks. Now when I use it, it will black screen and refuse to operate. All drivers I can find have been updated. Laptop is pretty much rendered unusable because it will do it at any point during the login screen or shortly after startup. After it...