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  1. AdrillDits

    Question Windows 10 - Apps don't play any sound (but Windows does)

    Hey there, honestly this is a tough one and I can't figure out what's wrong (without having to completely reinstall everything). So basically I can't get sound from any app EXCEPT discord (apps like Firefox, games, etc). But everything was before I updated Windows. Yes, I do have sound coming...
  2. R

    Question Audio Cracking, LatencyMon Reporting HDAudBus.sys as culprit, No idea what to do.

    really need help fixing my audio on my laptop as i work as a dj and its really effecting my job and ive lost work form it and money, please help anyone, i can provide pictures etc.
  3. D

    Question Front Panel Connectors Issue

    So I've never had a problem with front ports, either USB or audio jacks. Recently I was deleting files with spacesniffer and was trying to delete an apple backup, little did I know is that I didn't read close enough and deleted appdata folder. After that I had a lot of settings issues, like...
  4. I

    Question Front Audio

    So my mother gifted me a pc (although not that great but it will do for the stuff i do daily) and i cant seem to get the front audio port's to work. Its motherboard is an unknown brand so i cant look up the manufacturer's driver website. tried reinstalling the RT driver but i still cant seem to...
  5. T

    Question Speakers connected to motherboard won’t work

    I recently built a new pc and I noticed that when I plug my speakers into my pc, nothing happens (computer won’t recognize that I plugged them in, etc.) and sound won’t come from the speakers although they work fine when plugged into the back of my monitor. I checked my BIOS and everything audio...
  6. T

    [SOLVED] Display and audio cutting out for a second

    So, this weird issue has been randomly occurring for a while: for a split second, the screen goes black and the audio stops, but the LED light on the monitor indicates that is still receiving a signal. Then everything returns back to normal. This happens randomly, even if I am not gaming. Here...
  7. Billuminatti

    [SOLVED] PC Audio cuts out and stutters when frame rate is above 60 FPS.

    So, recently when playing the new Spider-Man PC port, the game while running at 144 FPS or above 60 FPS cuts out audio for the game and the pc but the second I tab back to a browser source audio is normal. I've already beaten the main game and this didn't happen before, now in the DLC and it's...
  8. D

    [SOLVED] Windows volume will perpetually scroll down to 0

    There is some bug or bad driver that will start pulling my audio slider for my speakers down to 0 with seemingly no trigger. I have uninstalled the Realtek device in device manager and restarted to let windows reinstall the drivers. I have unplugged both my keyboard and mouse while the problem...
  9. M

    Question "Released offload mode resource false" + Audio Issues - Event Viewer

    Hello, I have a problem my audio card, my headphones audio quality drops when I'm doing intense tasks (gaming, screen recording, etc.). They start outputting in lower volume, stereo/mono mode instead of 5.1 that my headphones support. Basically audio sounds like its coming from low quality...
  10. X

    [SOLVED] Scarlett Solo disconnects keyboard ?

    Hi I'm having this issue where the audio through my Scarlett Solo audio interface keeps crackling especially when on web browser. It also causes my keyboard to constantly disconnect which makes it really difficult to type. I have tried unplugging and change the usb port it is plugged into. It...
  11. ConfusedandDazed

    Question Realtek Audio causing computer to crash

    So, my computer recently has been experiencing a problem where it will randomly crash whenever I play sounds of any kind on my machine. After turning it back on, it then will proceed to have no realtek audio drivers show up inside device manager and when I try to install them using install...
  12. S

    Question How to detect and map input from headphone buttons to windows 10 PC?

    I have a usb to 4-pole headphone interface and these headphones. The headphones and mic works on my PC. The '-' '+' and 'o' buttons do things when it's connected to my...
  13. S

    Question delete

  14. B

    Question VIA High Definition Audi not working after installing drivers

    Hello, So the story goes like this: I was wondering why my PC was putting out too much heat lately and noticed that my GPU was really hot. So after changing some settings nothing was working. So I decided to reinstall the drivers. And to make sure it was a clean install I used DDU. While the...
  15. C

    Question PC Freezes and audio cuts out ONLY in game, random timing. Sometimes I am forced to restart.

    I've been having these issues for a couple of days now, I have not found help yet. I usually play Valorant. Recently, my game has been freezing up randomly (only for a second or two) and the audio cuts out. It happens in intervals, a couple of freezes then it's fine. However, after playing for a...
  16. U

    Question Is there a way to enable surround sound for the front jack?

    I currently have a pc with the erica 6 motherboard, i think the ports on the back have surround sound but is there a way to give the front jacks surround sound? the front jack is a jumbo jack (audio+mic), or should I just use an external sound card with usb and a splitter? (there is no...
  17. fishybone

    Question Audio not working after PC crash ?

    Hello, recently my computer crashed and my audio stopped working altogether. The graphics card also was running very poorly, which i managed to fix after updating the drivers (it kept saying there was an error loading drivers). Although, i havent been able to hear anything since. There also is a...
  18. BotUgaBuga

    [SOLVED] ROG B360-F Sound drivers wont install

    For some reason my Realtek sound was disabled in my Device manager and said that it was unplugged. I had this problem before so I tried some solutions and ended up uninstalling and trying to reinstall my sound drivers. I got my drivers from...
  19. Schexsse

    Question No sound after reseating GPU.

    While I was playing a game earlier, I noticed a case fan cable was stuck slightly into a fan on my gpu, preventing it from spinning. I turned off my pc, removed the graphics card, ensured the cable would no longer interfere, and reinstalled the graphics card. Upon booting my pc, I no longer have...
  20. tobill1221

    Question No Audio On Windows 10

    Hey guys, about a week ago I suddenly lost all of my audio capabilities on my Windows 10 machine. So far i failed in restoring any of them and to be honest im out of ides. I tried everything I could think of and looked at many forum threads. Everything didnt help. What I tried (and remember)...
  21. Ruciera

    Question Realtek Issue

    Restarted my computer on the 24th of February 2022. Since then my realtek has disappeared from my computer and I have followed every piece of advice to get it back onto my computer (uninstalling and reinstalling etc) HOWEVER; Uninstalling + reinstalling did not work. Clean installation of...
  22. That was cool ngl

    [SOLVED] How do i get more options in Sound Properties ?

    Right now i only have 3 settings which include: Headphone Virtualization, Loudness Equalization, and Bass Booster, Do i have to download some plugins or is it the version of my audio driver?
  23. W

    [SOLVED] Audio issue - no sound from computer

    I have a desktop Windows PC and have issue with the sound - for some reason it stopped outputting sound. The case has two analog 3.5 jack audio outputs, one in the front, the other in the back. In the past I could hear sound from both, but now there isn't sound coming from any of them. I try...
  24. B

    Question PC won't detect headphones after reinstalling Windows ?

    I have recently freshly reinstalled my Windows 10 and now it won't detect my headphones connected to the audio jack. When I plug the same headphones in to usb-c port with adapter it gets detected no problem. I didn't mess around with the hardware at all, I tried installing all realtek and Intel...
  25. K

    Question Audio issues on new pc

    Hey! I recently built my new PC, and since day 1 I've been having strange audio distortion issues. It seems to only happen when I'm in a discord voice channel. If I launch a game while in a discord voice channel, my entire system audio is heavily distorted. Additionally, it only affects my usb...
  26. I

    Question How to check microphone hardware on Asus Zenbook UX330UA?

    The microphone on my Zenbook UX330UA has recently stopped working. The speakers are OK, but audio is not being detected by the mic. I've tried uninstalling and re-installing the Realtek audio driver from Device Manager, and also tried downloading and installing the latest version of the audio...
  27. F

    Question Audio completely messed up (big time)

    Yesterday I was playing the new Forza, until it crashed, and a few second later my laptop (HP Omen 15) froze. Restarted it and there were no audio devices. I restarted windows and reinstalled my audio drivers (realtek) yet it still doesn't work. Now it recognizes my speakers/headphones and my...
  28. cata.gcc

    [SOLVED] Audio Crackling with bluetooth headphones

    Hi! I installed windows 11 about a month i didn't experience anything wrong till' now, but now i have a problem, on my bluetooth headphones (JBL Tune 500) and on my surround sistem (Sony HT-S20R) [but more frequently on the headphones], i experience audio crackling, i tried everything the video...
  29. Dire Weeb

    Question Bizarre problem with audio driver ?

    Having a problem with my audio drivers. I'm very close to solving it, but it's been quite the beast. Windows 11, ASRock Z490 Phantom Gaming 4 motherboard, Realtek drivers. Basically, I hear a pop whenever an audio channel opens or closes, my Windows Search is broken, and I have no Realtek HD...
  30. BotUgaBuga

    Question Can't install Realtek Drivers on windows 10.

    I have had this problem for a while now. I tried to uninstall and reinstall the drivers but I check device manager and the driver isnt there. I cant even find it when searching for hidden. I get my driver from the ASUS website because my motherboard is the b360-f. When using the asus setup, I...
  31. I

    Question Why is my audio loud and distorted after a routine driver update.

    I recently ran a routine driver update from a 3rd party program from my computer called Driver Booster. I have had problems with audio drivers using this program on other computers but never my own PC. The only audio driver that was Affected was "AMD High Definition Audio Device" Which from my...
  32. A

    [SOLVED] Rear Audio Jacks Not Working After Power Surge/Outage

    We had a very short power surge/outage -- maybe 1 second -- and now my motherboard's rear audio jacks (headphone line in and microphone) don't seem to work. I moved to the front audio jacks, and they do work... Any idea? System info is as follows: OS Name Microsoft Windows 10 Pro System...
  33. Y

    Question Strange issue (people hear my computer even when mic is unplugged and stereomix disabled)

    Hi everyone, i hope you could help me i am so confused with what's happening when i talk on discord or in game with people they can hear my computer (very quietly) the thing is that stereo mix is disabled and i dont have any softwares installed that might do that i have tried unplugging my...
  34. Z

    Question How do I fix audio stuttering and distortion while playing games on my laptop?

    Hello all, I'm experiencing some extreme audio issues and I'm not sure what to do. Every time I launch a game and play for longer than 5-10 minutes, my game lags briefly then suddenly has extreme audio distortion and lag. It sounds like my speakers are blown out. When I close the game, other...
  35. T

    [SOLVED] Computer has loud audio even with volume set to low ?

    Hello! For the past 2-3 years now, I keep my volume set to 20ish on my PC, maxing out at 100. I'll turn it up to around 30 for quieter stuff but past that and it get too loud. To prevent any misunderstanding, I have no hearing problems. I tried fixing it in the past but just couldn't figure it...
  36. KosaSosa

    Question PC freezes for a split-second and audio cuts out randomly when using headset audio ?

    Hello, I have encountered an issue in the last week that has made it very difficult for me to use my headset when I am gaming. At random intervals when I play games that use my microphone, enter Discord voice lobbies, and change sound outputs in Discord, I am met with a split-second freeze and...
  37. NDxDirectorsCut

    [SOLVED] Windows thinks i have no audio devices installed and doesnt detect sound card, how do i fix?

    PC Parts: Motherboard: B450 Aorus Elite (first revision) GPU: GTX 1060 3GB (Windforce) CPU: Ryzen 5 1600AF 16GB of DDR4 RAM Windows version is 21H1, OS Build 19043. 1052 Around 2 weeks ago i moved to my grandparents for the summer and after setting up my PC (without setting up the internet) i...
  38. V

    [SOLVED] Mic is never getting any audio input in Windows?

    I moved my Laptop's 120gb SSD which has a Windows install on it to a new PC just to work on things with a full desktop. I've bought a: USB mic, a gaming headset with a built in mic, an additional cheap clip on mic, and a USB sound card to connect to it. I've verified that all these devices...
  39. L

    [SOLVED] Why have my headphones stopped working?

    I was watching youtube while downloading a driver on nvidia geforce experience and all of the sudden when the driver finished downloading the audio stops i tried using the other jacks , ,using different headphones and i even tried restarting my computer nothing works
  40. R

    Question Mobo audio got broken after bluescreen, reinstalling drivers didn't help

    Mobo: MSI b360a-pro System W10 Recently I got some bluescreens after which my audio got broken, device is found by system but has the yellow warning icon next to it. After searching a bit for blue screen code explanation and trying to reinstal audio drivers it didn't help at all. I've decided...