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  1. Y

    Question Strange issue (people hear my computer even when mic is unplugged and stereomix disabled)

    Hi everyone, i hope you could help me i am so confused with what's happening when i talk on discord or in game with people they can hear my computer (very quietly) the thing is that stereo mix is disabled and i dont have any softwares installed that might do that i have tried unplugging my...
  2. Z

    Question How do I fix audio stuttering and distortion while playing games on my laptop?

    Hello all, I'm experiencing some extreme audio issues and I'm not sure what to do. Every time I launch a game and play for longer than 5-10 minutes, my game lags briefly then suddenly has extreme audio distortion and lag. It sounds like my speakers are blown out. When I close the game, other...
  3. T

    [SOLVED] Computer has loud audio even with volume set to low ?

    Hello! For the past 2-3 years now, I keep my volume set to 20ish on my PC, maxing out at 100. I'll turn it up to around 30 for quieter stuff but past that and it get too loud. To prevent any misunderstanding, I have no hearing problems. I tried fixing it in the past but just couldn't figure it...
  4. KosaSosa

    Question PC freezes for a split-second and audio cuts out randomly when using headset audio ?

    Hello, I have encountered an issue in the last week that has made it very difficult for me to use my headset when I am gaming. At random intervals when I play games that use my microphone, enter Discord voice lobbies, and change sound outputs in Discord, I am met with a split-second freeze and...
  5. NDxDirectorsCut

    Question Windows thinks i have no audio devices installed and doesnt detect sound card, how do i fix?

    PC Parts: Motherboard: B450 Aorus Elite (first revision) GPU: GTX 1060 3GB (Windforce) CPU: Ryzen 5 1600AF 16GB of DDR4 RAM Windows version is 21H1, OS Build 19043. 1052 Around 2 weeks ago i moved to my grandparents for the summer and after setting up my PC (without setting up the internet) i...
  6. Question Mic is never getting any audio input in Windows?

    I moved my Laptop's 120gb SSD which has a Windows install on it to a new PC just to work on things with a full desktop. I've bought a: USB mic, a gaming headset with a built in mic, an additional cheap clip on mic, and a USB sound card to connect to it. I've verified that all these devices...
  7. L

    Question Why have my headphones stopped working?

    I was watching youtube while downloading a driver on nvidia geforce experience and all of the sudden when the driver finished downloading the audio stops i tried using the other jacks , ,using different headphones and i even tried restarting my computer nothing works
  8. breadizgood

    Question Weird audio issue

    I recently moved my computer, not that far, but it being moved appeared to cause this issue. I plugged it in and at first none of the audio jacks worked. They didn't detect anything I plugged in. I then checked the connection of the audio header on my mobo [ MSI B450M BAZOOKA]. After...
  9. R

    Question Mobo audio got broken after bluescreen, reinstalling drivers didn't help

    Mobo: MSI b360a-pro System W10 Recently I got some bluescreens after which my audio got broken, device is found by system but has the yellow warning icon next to it. After searching a bit for blue screen code explanation and trying to reinstal audio drivers it didn't help at all. I've decided...
  10. S

    Question Audio through USB Hub causes cracking/popping ?

    I'm using the Arctis Pro Wireless headset and the receiver for them is plugged into a USB Hub (with my keyboard and mouse) which I use to switch the three things between my work laptop and desktop pc quicker. The issue I have is specifically only on the Desktop PC where when the receiver is...
  11. I

    Question Latest full HDA Audio drivers for 1220 and 4080 audio chipset

    Does anyone know where to get the latest full HDA Audio driver for realtek audio chipsets 1220 and 4080. I do not want UAD drivers - I do not have Microsoft accounts or access to the store. I am looking for the full version that includes the Realtek HD Audio Manager console. The software on...
  12. alexanderwe6

    Question update causing issues

    After updating to 2OH2, it has had some issues, I'm getting intermittent lagging, and the audio robots with these lags, i ran a game during this occurring and the game was having frame drops, but when I revert my windows edition, these problems stop, I'm not really sure what this issue is. I...
  13. Toby351

    Question Sound Output device changing on its own

    I've came across a huge issue on my PC & was wondering if anyone has had the same issue or would know any potential fixes. Here is a GIF of the error: All my drivers are up to date
  14. A

    Question Is it possible to fix the huge audio delay on ASUS SOAR soundcard

    I bought the soundcard since it was on sale and seemed to have ok specs and my rear io audio port was acting up, I installed it and it sounded fine, I decided to try it out with Osu! (A rhythm game) and I noticed an awful delay of 50-100ms making basically every rhythm game borderline unplayable...
  15. B

    Question Bluetooth Speaker Audio Cutoff - I've Tried Everything

    I have an Insignia NS-2810BT speaker (with a Realtek Bluetooth dongle) that cuts off the audio usually about a couple of minutes after a fresh bootup of my Windows 10 computer. If I'm lucky, it may stay on for a couple of hours after applying a "fix", but it soon cuts off again and I'm back to...
  16. PetarV

    Question No audio from hdmi to monitor speakers

    I just built a pc. Its all fine except there's no audio from the monitor speakers. I've previously used the same gpu and monitor in a different sytem and they worked fine. I've tried reinstalling both the gpu and monitor drivers but that accomplishes nothing. One thing to note is that I get...
  17. J

    Question PC front panel audio jack works only halfway plugged in

    So my pc case front panel audio jack was working fine still afternoon now all of sudden i can hear only on left side i thought my head phone is faulty checked with other headphone same problem continues some times i dont even hear any audio BUT when i halfway plug my headphone and change the...
  18. O

    Question Mic doesn't work on new version of Windows?

    So I just freshly installed Windows 10 version 20H2, installed all the drivers but mic doesn't work on some apps. It works on any browser and on discord but only if I disable Automatically determine input sensitivity and noise cancellation. It works fine on Warzone but does not work on other...
  19. H

    Question Stuttering (Youtube, Netflix, etc.) and no audio anywhere. Any known solutions?

    My computer was working fine last evening. Woke up the next day and logged on and now any streaming service is super choppy (frame by frame slowness) and I have no audio on my computer. I was thinking it was some sort of driver issue, but I don't really know what else to look for.
  20. artavasdes

    Question Shadowplay Not Recording Audio

    I recently switched over to nvidia and have been trying to use shadowplay for recording but it does not record desktop audio but it does record my microphone audio. The weird thing is that sometimes it records the desktop audio and does not record microphone audio. For my sound output I have a...
  21. S

    Question How to change which audio channels are output through onboard outputs ?

    I would like to be able to have only one program or a set of programs be output through the onboard audio outputs. (ex. having chrome and discord open but only chromes audio would come through my optical output from the mobo) Seeing as not all programs have the option to easily change their...
  22. T

    Question Philips monitor no freesync or sound

    I have a Philips 246e9q monitor and a Radeon r7 200 series graphics card. I tried to turn on freesync in Radeon settings but it says you need a compatible display. I am running 1920x1080 @75 hz. I know for sure my display is compatible (it has freesync stickers on the box and the monitor...
  23. I

    Question How to install Windows 10 on unsupported chipset? Dell Precision T3500

    Hello community, I have a Dell Precision T3500 running Windows 7. I want to format it and install Windows 10. However, I am unsure about what to do with the drivers situation because my PC only supports Windows 7 drivers. Now the model of computer I have is really popular so on benchmark sites...
  24. T

    Question Audio, Mouse, display and system stuttering.

    My computer constantly stutters even on desktop with nothing running and I have no explanation for it, and my headset microphone keeps cutting out and I have to constantly unplug and plug in headset to make it work again. My monitors constantly go black for a few seconds and then go back to...
  25. M

    [SOLVED] Does overclocking effect the audio chip ?

    Hi, I bought my computer 1 and half year ago. My PC has weird microphone issue. One day microphone works fine, next day microphone shows green signal means buzzing sound. I over clocked my PC from 6mb to 12mb cache. and I think it messed up the IC chip. I showed it to the shop keeper and he just...
  26. A

    [SOLVED] Realtek Audio Not Working (I've tried everything)

    So I've looked all over the web and all over Toms Hardware forums for an answer, all over YouTube, etc. They are all suggesting doing the same thing which I've tried and not working. For starters, here are my specs: -Ryzen 7 3700X -RX 5700 XT GPU -MSI X570-a Pro MB I have: Uninstalled &...
  27. Sirdiesalot617

    Question Front audio jack not detecting anything on the nzxt h510 ?

    I just finished up my first build (asrock z77 extreme4, i7 3770, gigabyte 1660super, and ddr3 ripjaw ram) in the nzxt h510 case I went to go start a game up and realized that I have no sound coming in from my headphones using the front jack. It's not even detecting that anything is plugged in...
  28. Knix

    Question A few problems with my newly built PC

    So I finally built my first PC around 4-5 days ago, and I was super excited to finally be able to play games with overall higher graphics fidelity. But, as all things, nothing goes smoothly/as planned. I have a few problems/questions I would like some feedback on: 1. My main problem at the...
  29. edhlund

    Question Why is my audio distorted!?

    I'm currently using headphones with my newly built PC. The sound for the past two days has been perfect. Tonight, I was using the computer when all of a sudden the audio cuts out and comes back with MAJOR distortion. I'm not sure why this is happening and have already tried the following to...
  30. K

    [SOLVED] Would my motherboard support 80ohm and 250 ohm?

    Asus rog Strix B550-F gaming will it work on Beyer dynamic 990 pro or do I need a DAC for it?
  31. S

    [SOLVED] Audio Driver Versions: Help Me Figure It OUT! :)

    I want to -- once and for all -- understand this discrepancy that is annoying me. From the screenshot, on Windows 10 Device Manager, under "Audio inputs and outputs," you can see that I have the "Realtek Digital Output (Realtek(R) Audio), version 10.0.19041.1, installed on my computer...
  32. P

    Question I think my integrated soundcard is dead

    Hello so i think my integrated sound card is dead because when i connect my headset no sound is coming out of them just a high pitch noise.This is happening since my gtx 1060 died after that i upgraded to a 1660 but the high pitch noise is still there, no changes ,before the death of 1060 it was...
  33. N

    [SOLVED] What is going on with my drivers?!?

    So randomly when I woke up today and found out my Webcam stopped working, after three hours or so my focusrite external sound card stopped working, and after a bit the build it speakers stopped working. I've literary uninstalled and reinstalled every audio driver, I have no idea what could be...
  34. IraqiGamer

    [SOLVED] For some reason I can't have my sound to be used by the monitor speakers.

    Hello everyone, I have a Samsung qled 27' curved 144hz c27fg7x monitor and it's connected to my gaming PC via DVI which has Nvidia 2080 super, I'm trying to use my monitor speakers to use the sound and I can't get it to run, I tried running it using my second monitor which is connected via HDMI...
  35. K

    Question My audio drive is not working properly

    After upgrading my laptop from Windows 8.1 pro to windows 10 , I can barely hear audio from its speakers . . What can I do to restore the sound quality of my pc?
  36. woejang

    Question Realtek Audio not giving me an option for headset

    Recently i upgraded my PC to a new one with a h87n wifi motherboard, but when I went to plug my headphones in (which have a mic), it gave me 4 options: line in, mic in, headphone and speaker out. Only the mic in option actually had any input, although it just consisted of some captured audio but...
  37. J

    Question PC display and audio stutter after CPU upgrade

    I recently upgraded from a ryzen 5 1500x to a ryzen 7 3700x. Everything was working flawlessly for the first day. It wasn't until the next day that I left my pc for a bit and got back to pc stuttering and glitchy audio. Ive never had this issue with the old cpu so this is new to me. I've tried...
  38. matfr

    [SOLVED] Back audio jack stops working when front audio is plugged in

    I have ASUS b150 M pro gaming motherboard. Using windows 10 64bit When I plug in my headphones to the mobo jack, it works fine. Then, if I plug speakers to the front jack and want to switch back to headphones, it does not show me the option. It only shows one audio output which is the front...
  39. M

    [SOLVED] How to use 3.5mm Audio Input while using Display Port

    So I have an ASUS VG248QE I've had going for 7 years now. I like to use the built-in speakers for music when away from my PC. I run it through a 3.5mm splitter to get audio to both monitors. However, when I switched to using Display Port from DVI since I upgraded my PC I lost audio from the...
  40. [SOLVED] GeForce 1080TI, not able to install Audio Driver, Windows 10

    So I've stumbled upon an issue that I can not seem to understand or work my way around. I recently built a new system with the following specs: Z490 ROG MAXIMUS XII HERO Core i9-10900K Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1TB NVME Corsair 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4 3600MHz CL18 ASUS ROG Ryujin 360mm As you may...