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Audio & GPU Drivers

Forum discussion tagged with Audio & GPU Drivers.
  1. D

    Question How to get separate settings for headphones and speakers?

    I'm unable to get different/separate settings tab for my front panel audio output device. Snap of my Realtelk HD Audio Manager View: https://imgur.com/YfUaOUi
  2. D

    Question Dell G7 7790 Internal speakers and microphone not working

    Hi All, I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me with some audio issues on my new dell g7 laptop. I'm having issues with the internal speakers and microphone not working, when switching the laptop on sometimes. I have the speaker icon with a red x next to it, when going into the...
  3. J

    Question Strange video AND audio output issues?

    I have a recently built desktop and I am experiencing some really strange issues. It almost always happens when I am A. playing Terraria, and B. listening to music from MusicBee at the same time. Last time it happened this is the exact scenario: While listening to music on my local computer...
  4. T

    Question Help! only hear "beep" noises when connecting microphone on the front pannel.

    Hello, yesterday finally my computer arrived, I'm really happy to finally be part of the community. Anyways, since the beginning I had problems with the audio on the front panel. I used driver easy to download the drivers but it didn't download the drivers for the front panel audio. So, after...
  5. justseska

    Question My audio is randomly cutting out with windows 10

    I have tried everything to try and fix this, i have uninstalled, reinstalled, updated, and done everything you could do with your drivers, i have made sure it isnt my headphones (speakers still work fine), the only problem i can think is that its the front headphone jack but I know its connected...
  6. M

    Question Audio crackling/popping when gaming

    So recently i started gaming on my laptop after some time usually CS:GO and Insurgency Sandstorm. And there's an issue whenever i play this game Sandstorm, whenever im standing there's no issue with the audio but when i start moving my character the audio start crackling and disappears when i...
  7. Rangersatyr

    Question Red x on volume icon (motherboard audio)

    How do you tell if your msi audio chipset is defective? Because I get a red x on my volume. I uninstalled reinstalled my realtek audio drivers. I also checked system services and restarted both processes. On my UFEI it says my rear ports are disconnected. I made sure to plug in my line out audio...
  8. sheldonMc

    Question video loses sync with audio

    Recently upgraded to an Rx 570 (i dont know much about computers) and when I went to install it i quickly realized my PSU didnt have the correct connector cables. The GPU is 2x4 and my PSU only had 2x3 so i ended up using that and it works but my audio is out of sync and the only way to get it...
  9. D

    Question New build audio-deSync

    So I finally made the jump and built an entirely new pc from scratch to make a substantial upgrade from my last setup. New setup specs are: Gpu: Gigabyte geforce RTX 2070 super gaming OC 8g graphics card, 3x windforce fans, 8gb Ram: G skill trident z rgb series 2x 8gb 3200 Mobo: Gigabyte...
  10. P

    [SOLVED] Audio severely distorted after crash.

    Recently my computer crashed, not a bluescreen, just a straight crash. Wouldn't boot into windows so I fiddled with the interior a bit, and thankfully it booted again. However, upon booting into windows I was unable to hear basically anything. I changed my default devices around and could...
  11. L

    Question Audio Randomly Turning Off

    Recently I have been running into this problem. While on discord, just playing any game, or just being on my Windows 10 PC, the audio would just completely turn off. I tried to troubleshoot it and it said that my headphones were not plugged in, but they were. I tried updating my drivers...
  12. footy!

    [SOLVED] Monitor audio issues after GPU upgrade

    This is a really weird issue for me and any help is greatly appreciated! It began after upgrading from a GTX 960 to a GTX 1660, around a week ago. The audio from both of my monitors (connected to GPU via HDMI and DVI) stops working after the PC goes into sleep mode or has been on for a...
  13. Phuj

    Question Can't add any new Headphones/Speakers to Audio Inputs and Outputs

    Out of nowhere yesterday my headphones suddenly stop working, after some fiddling I decided to reinstall and uninstall the drivers, etc. After doing that I noticed that it no longer appeared in the bottom right under audio - 'select playback device', and in Device Manager it no longer was in...
  14. Eldar45454164

    Question TRRS microphone for combo jack

    Hi, I've got this microphone from local store.It works OK with smartphone but couldn;t connect to my Dell inspiron 3593 laptop.What can be the issue?Drivers updated. https://ibb.co/8bLYtsc
  15. S

    Question Games cause a crash but audio and voice chat continues

    Hi Everyone, When I start games, I can get about 5 minutes of play before I get a crash. This has happened with World of Warcraft and Call of Duty Warzone. My screen goes black, my fans go into overdrive. However I can still hear audio and maintain conversations on discord. The screen never...
  16. E

    Question Select default video port for audio output

    I have a Sapphire Radeon R9 390 Nitro with 3x DisplayPort and 1x HDMI port. When only HDMI plugged in, audio goes through HDMI. When only DisplayPort plugged in, audio goes through DisplayPort. When HDMI and DisplayPort plugged, then audio goes via HDMI when I want it to go to DisplayPort. Is...
  17. B

    Question Static when using headphones plugged into rear IO, but not when using front IO

    So I just bought a new pair of headphones, the Phillips SHP9500, and when I went to plug them into the rear IO, something messed up with my system, and what I did to fix it resulted in a corrupted file or something because I kept getting Werfault.exe messages. I had redownloaded the audio...
  18. H

    [SOLVED] Audio Desync Over Time

    I have tried everything listed in this forum post: https://forums.tomshardware.com/threads/audio-and-video-desync.3318332/ I am having the same issue, except even after all this troubleshooting I'm not even getting the non-solution this guy got (where moving video stuff around on different...
  19. O

    Question All speaker sound(right and left) comes from on headphone.

    I've been having to use my monitor speaker sound system for awhile now but just today I bought an headset. The headset is an Astro A10. I feel that is a software issue since both sides of the headphones, but play both the L and R audio only in one. Any solutions? Thanks!
  20. R

    Question Why do I lose audio when switching inputs from HDMI to Displayport?

    I have my speakers plugged into my monitor getting audio through NVIDIA high definition audio. It works fine when I first boot up, but if I change the input to HDMI to play my switch, when I change back to displayport I don't get audio from the speakers. This issue started happening after I...