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    Question Computer output is seen as mic input

    Hello, I currently have a headset which has to 3-pin jacks, one for mic and one for audio output. The issue is that instead of using the mic on the headset to pick up my voice and input it into the computer, the computer instead taking the audio of the output of the computer as mic input. For...
  2. D

    Far Cry 3 Freeze problem !!!

    I play Far Cry 3 for 1minute and then suddenly everything freezes,and after that i need to restart my PC... These are my specifications : AMD Athlon x2 64 5000+ 1GB RAM AMD Radeon 6450 1GB I have this problem frome June 2k17 when i played Minecraft,but i deleted it and i started playing Far Cry...
  3. D

    best mic for youtube

    i'm searching for a good mic for my youtube channel i dont have a hard limit, but i dont have more than $60 at this moment. looking mostly for best "performance" for my money. currently watching samson Go, blue snowball, Floureon BM-800 and Samson Meteor
  4. D

    Skylake and Windows

    Friends pls help me. I am going to build a pc with an Intel core i7 6700 . I want to install windows 7 but I have heard that there are going to be lots of issues with it. The technician shall install it for me through a DVD. I want to know about gaming. I will keep it for years without any more...
  5. B

    Ethernet not working but Wifi fine - Asus RT-N66U

    I am trying to connect to my Asus RT N66U using a TP Link AV1200 Powerline. I can connect my PC to the router fine over wifi, and the ethernet over the powerline is working fine for my android TV box (powerline status lights all look good too). But on my PC attempting to use the ethernet just...
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    Confused on Virtual Machines (Idk what category this goes under..)

    I have heard of virtual machines but have been confused on the purpose of them. So far I know a VM is basically a computer inside another computer. I have always been interested in going to the deep Web some day (note, deep Web and not dark web) and have heard that setting up a virtual machine...
  7. H

    PC build help

    i want to know if my pc build wil not get a bottleneck. my specs: AMD FX-6300 GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 960 OC WindForce 2X 4GB HyperX Savage 8GB DDR3 1600MHz Motherboard ASRock 980DE3/U3S3 R2.0 eagate Desktop HDD 1TB 7200RPM 450 w power suply
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    Help! Catalyst Control Center not working After Windows 8.1 Update

    Alright so: I have a laptop with an AMD radeon HD 8670m gpu and i3 cpu. Ive been playing league of legends for almost 2 years now with no problems until today. My laptop automatically restarted to update to windows 8.1 and c.c.c. stopped working. Without it, my computer runs league with the...
  9. Floydms

    Australian $500 Bugdet Low Gaming Computer

    Hey im looking for a half gaming computer for about $500 I dont mind what CPU, GPU or even the APU (Kaveri) But i would like to it be not much over $500 max $550 If you could use thise website it would be nice Thanks EDIT: I would like it to be able to play...