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  1. IckyDrew

    [SOLVED] Audio pops, mouse lags across screen, and mic static if computer is left on overnight ?

    Hello, So to start off my situation, I usually leave my computer on 24/7 and only restart for updated and such. A few weeks ago, there was a day where I unlocked my computer and oddly enough, my mouse was lagging across my screen, and the audio was popping when I would watch a video/listen to...
  2. V

    Question Serious lag spike during game loadup

    Hi. I started to get an issue when I'm opening games like WoW and League of Legends. When I do open the games i started to get 10 sec freeze / huge lag spikes - so if I'm watching a stream on my other monitor the stream is started to lag and when the game is finished loading the problem is gone...
  3. baileyboy125

    Question Bluetooth issues

    Hi, I recently bought a fairly cheap pair of wireless earphones from amazon due to the great reviews (ENACFIRE Future) with Bluetooth 5.0. I bought them mainly for connecting to my PC when I don't really feel like wearing headphones. They're great except for one problem: the audio lag on PC is...