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  1. Drequiem24

    Question Headphones not detected

    Hello. I recently built my own pc with an MSI MPG X570 GAMING PLUS and I've ran into this problem. Whenever I connect any audio devices the system doesn't actually recognize them. I've tried this with many different headphones and I've also updated all drivers. I don't know if it's worth...
  2. Z

    [SOLVED] Razer headset not working through connection via Razer keyboard

    On the side of my Razer blackwidow chroma are 2 3.5mm female audio jack inputs. One of them is labelled with a microphone and the other with a a headset icon. I plugged my Razer kraken pro v2 into the jack but nothing happens. My tower is too far for the cable, and when i plug them into my...
  3. D

    [SOLVED] Same headset listed in both Playback Devices as well as Recording Devices

    I have a wireless Bluetooth headset that I've been using for a while now, on my laptop, running Windows 10 1903. It's listed in the sound control panel as, Bluetooth Headphones and Bluetooth Headset in Playback Devices. In Recording Devices, it's listed as Bluetooth Headset(which is exactly...
  4. Drakathz

    [SOLVED] random audio Glitch/stutter/freeze

    The computer i have was built by myself, and ever since i built it there has been a problem with the audio which happens randomly. I have tried A LOT of diferent "fixes" but nothing solved the problem. It happens while watching a movie/serie/youtube/music/gaming. Basically everything that has...
  5. D

    Question Problems after BSOD (Audio disappear, and program wont open)

    Hello. While playing KSP my PC just shut down with a BSOD (data_structure_corruoption error). After waiting about 3 minutes witht the BSOD being at 100% i forcefully shut down the laptop (held down the power button). I would have waited longer if i didnt have the same experience with this laptop...
  6. K

    Question Just built new pc and having terrible stuttering in games

    So i just built my new pc yesterday ( and ive been having some issues with it. It started with driver issues, i was getting a few bluescreens here and there and maybe me trying to run the ram at 3200 was part of the problem so i just decided to reinstall...
  7. I

    Question pc detects that i pluged in the a device but no audio. it detects headphones as a speaker. (accidentally deleted headphones from device manager)help!!

    hello, i have Audio problems with my pc. Computer detects the audio device but i cant hear anything. i have installed the right Realtek driver for my motherboard. (asrock b85m pro4) maybe is it beacuse headphones is detected as a speaker. ( I accidentally deleted headphones from device...
  8. T

    Can not login to network

    I cannot login to my school’s internet (via LAN cable) The problem is with the login page, on school’s PC the login works just fine but on other laptops, it doesn’t work. What I’ve noticed is the login page is not redirecting. It stays on the same page when I click login. (It’s not because...
  9. S

    Can an old hp mid tower case work in 2017

    So im upgrading my 2010 pc and I have an old mid tower hp case, I want to replace everything. Things I will put into it are gtx 1050 mini ,micro ATX B250 mobo ,apevia 500W ATX power supply other componets arent anything major so if you could tell me im gona have any trouble fiting the components...
  10. D

    best mic for youtube

    i'm searching for a good mic for my youtube channel i dont have a hard limit, but i dont have more than $60 at this moment. looking mostly for best "performance" for my money. currently watching samson Go, blue snowball, Floureon BM-800 and Samson Meteor
  11. M

    Can i install windows 10 home unactivated?

    I just built a new PC but I cant afford $125 for a new copy And I'm a gamer so I can't use Linux So I was wondering if I absolutely NEED to buy a product key just to install windows on a newly built PC or if I can use it unactivated. If I can, what limitations are there and how long can I use...