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    [SOLVED] Gaming & Audio Production - Intel or AMD?

    Hello peoples, I'm currently about to build a new system, and I mainly use it for gaming and audio production. I was initially thinking of basing the new system around an I7-6700K, but I'm not sure whether AMD may be a better choice for the price. For me a 6700k is almost £300, whereas I can...
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    [SOLVED] Upgrading CPU Cooler; i5 LGA1155

    Hello all, I have been planning on upgrading my pc for a while now and eventually plan on purchasing a new LGA1155 i7 processor capable of overclocking. I currently have an i5-3470 (LGA1155) and want to upgrade my cpu cooler as a first step (a cool processor is a happy processor). I’m wondering...
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    Nvidia vs AMD on DX12

    Why Nvidia cards lose so much ground on dx12 titles compared to AMD cards? has to do with hardware/drivers?
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    New graphic, budget: 190-230 usd

    Hi guys, my 7970 card died so i need a new one! My budget is 190-230 usd aprox. My system specs are: Display Devices Make and model, connection/adapter in use, resolution and refresh rate; e.g. Acer V246HLbmd 24" @60Hz adapter vga to dvi Motherboard Make and model; e.g. Asrock Z87 Pro3...