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  1. T

    Psu Suggestion Help

    Hello.Im going to build this but I dont know what to do with the PSU.I dont want to push the budget much further.Im between these three
  2. P

    Gigabyte hd 7950 missing some components

    Hello, my friend give me Gigabyte hd 7950 (he found it), and he told me that this graphics card has probably fell to the ground. The card works, but when it loaded the computer shuts down. When I took a better look with a magnifying glass, I saw that some components are missing, I guess it...
  3. M

    Questions about GPU core clock, memory clock and voltage control

    Hello, I was wondering what exactly core clock and memory clock are for. I have done a bit of searching and think I have an idea of whats going on, but just wanna check. 1. Is the GPU memory clock essentially how much vram the card has or is it the number or timers per second the vram can be...
  4. S

    Is this a good budget laptop?

    Hello, I am looking at this laptop and wanted to see what the community thinks of this laptop. Here is a link to the laptop. It is on sale for $250. http:// I dont know when was this laptop released, how old is the AMD A9 9410 processor, or which generation is the R5 Radeon graphics card? I...
  5. J

    Monitor says no signal no matter what I do.

    I just built my first computer. My monitor keeps saying no signal. At first I had my monitor connected to my graphics card via a DVI(on the monitor) and HDMI(on the graphics card) That showed no signal. I tries moving the graphics card to another slot, this did nothing. I tried removing the...
  6. Allame

    Which Should You Buy?

    msi rx480 gaming x8g or msi rx480 armor whats different?
  7. E

    Is this a good PC build

    Yo, so im planing to do a PC build and was wondering if this is a good build, im mainly gonna use it for gaming and coding. Also i was thinking of getting an ultrawide monitor and was wondering if this is a good choice Pc Build Ultrawide monitor...
  8. C

    GTX 1050 Ti not Working

    I just received my GTX 1050 Ti (GV-N105TOC-4GD), and it runs for a solid two seconds on startup, but then stops after that. I have tried reinstalling and such, and nothing I came across has helped me solve this. I currently have (and am running on Intel Integrated Graphics): Inte i76700 16GB...
  9. C

    Lost Word, PowerPoint etc. after wiping hard drive disk

    My hard drive was recently corrupted I was forced to wipe the whole thing and get a new one. After I set everything up I realised I didn't have Word, PowerPoint or any of those other Microsoft applications so I went to the windows store and tried re downloading them. However, It would only let...
  10. N

    Brand New PC instantly crashes when AIDA64 is run..

    So to be clear, all of these parts are about 90 days out. Here are the specs: 6700k (STOCK, NOT OVERCLOCKED*) Kraken x62 EVGA 1070 FTW Asus z170 Pro Gaming Aura MB 16 GB Corsair Vengeance Samsung 850 Evo (sata) NZXT Hue+ EVGA 850 G2 Supernova I've been having an issue with my PC crashing at...
  11. M

    5820k or 7770K?

    I want to buy a new pc soon. Ill be getting my CPU + Mobo from Microcenter. a 5820k+Mobo is actually less than a 7770k +Mobo. Thing is I don't need x99 and the 5820k is quite old. Any advice? I do like having more powerful hardware but admittedly. I only do mostly gaming with light editing or...
  12. T

    Need explanation of this

    Hey guys, how is everyone doing? First of all I don't know where this thread should had gone so since its about pings I came into pc gaming. Secondly I finally decided to go fiber internet, I asked my isp to tell me pings of some dota 2 servers, this is what they messaged me back with: PIE...
  13. T

    Building PC no display no OS yet.

    I'm building a new PC. The problem is I have no OS on my PC yet and I have it connected to my TV via VGA and I am getting no signal. I have a MSI Z97s krait edition and a r9 270x gpu. I have the VGA connected to the mobo not the gpu. Do I need an actual monitor until I get an OS on it? My tv is...
  14. M

    What's the cheapest laptop I can get to run total war Rome 2

    Looking for the cheapest possible laptop (£100-150) which can run total war Rome 2 at low almost everything with a solid 30fps. Will be playing some online but mostly offline to have on car journeys and the such, thanks!
  15. I

    What Pre-Sleeved PC Cables do i need to buy?

    I am getting pre-sleeved cables for my build, but I don't know which cables or what kit to get. My build consists of: Core i7-7700K 4.2GHz Quad-Core, GeForce GTX 1080 8GB FTW Gaming ACX 3.0, S340 Elite (Black) ATX Mid Tower I also want to know Where's the...
  16. M

    Dell laptop not powering up

    Hello, My Dell 15 5548 laptop charger broke and, as i really needed the laptop that day, i tried fixing it before i will buy a new one. I gave it to a friend and told him what the cable order is and how to glue them. Apparently, he placed them differently which led to reversed polarity and no...
  17. S

    memory interface issues

    A gtx 1060 has a 192bit memory interface and a Rx 160 has a 128bit memory interface So my question is that most of the gpus have 128 or 256 bit memory interface. WIll 192bit cause bottleneck or other certain issueS?
  18. C

    New GPU is not responding.

    Hello All, I've looked on so many various threads....can not seem to find the answer. I have a corsair 80+ Bronze 500W PSU for reference. I recently purchased an EVGA 1070 SC Gaming ACX 3.0 Black Edition and was really excited to receive it and start using it. It was supposed to be an upgrade...
  19. C

    Windows, Bitlocker, And a GPU

    The computer is a HP Elite 8000 SFF, I added a R7 240 to it but then bitlocker locked me out of the computer, so I now need to reinstall everything and somehow reformat the drive. And no I didn't backup the password for bitlocker cause I'm an idiot and didn't think i'd ever need it. Though...
  20. dandanboy

    First PC build, need help with a few components....

    I have an old A10-7850k desktop that I want to replace. I currently have run three 22" 1080p LG monitors (LG 22M38D-B 21.5" Full HD LED Monitor) that I will keep and I am going to build a new PC. I play a few games Star Wars Battlefront, Battlefield 1, GTA, Diablo III.....etc. I only ever game...