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  1. A

    Is this normal in a watercooling loop

    Is this normal in a water cooling loop? Or is my flowrate just too low? I am using a VPP655 pump. The loop goes like this: From resorvour ->pump->gpu block->top radiator->cpu block ->front radiator-> resorvour. Here are some pics:
  2. D

    New gaming build advices

    Hi, Im going to build a new computer next month and I wanna ask for some advices on what i chose. Here comes the list: CPU:Intel core i7 7700k or i5 7600k (cant decide) MOBO: MSI Z270 GAMING PRO CARBON - Intel Z270 HDD: WD Blue EX - 1TB SSD: Samsung SSD 850 EVO - 250GB DVD ROM: ASUS DRW-24D5MT...
  3. Sinister Doll

    Installed new PSU, no system boot

    My old PSU finally stopped working so went out and bought the same wattage power supply. When I installed it I reset all connections to make sure there was no bad ones after the down time. When I power on the system everything powers on lights, fans but the system won't boot. I know the Mobo is...
  4. atljsf

    power led too bright

    i have a corsair obsidian 250, it has one white led for power and one white for hard disk activity i found both to be too bright in the night i was thinking on just covering the front of the button but the clean looks of the case would be compromised with that i was thinking more in using...
  5. T

    BSOD and crashes while playing intensive games HELP.

    Hello, lately i've been having issues with my pc i keep getting blue screens out of nowhere while playing games like csgo, battlefield, rainbow six siege and others. I have been struggeling to find out what is wrong with installing all new drivers and also older versions, memtest, lowered...
  6. Y

    Monitor not turning on after upgrade.

    Relevant info,Upgraded my graphics card from the Asus 550 Ti to the Asus 1050 Ti, And upgraded my ram from 8gb, to 20gb. After finding a working adapter for it, I didn't get any video signal, restarted it, tried using mobo's own graphics, and nothing. What are my steps I can try and fix it? And...
  7. X

    EVGA GTX 1070 SC ACX 3.0 Tempatures

    Hello, i have a question. What tempatures are you getting with this card on full load ? And did EVGA fixed they problem with overheating VRM ? Thanks.
  8. C

    Is the RX 470 a good choice?

    Hello, I recently found out that the RX 470 is almost on par with the RX 480, and decided to do some more research on whether or not I should get it. I found a lot of people saying that both of these cards, along with the RX 460, were experiencing very bad issues. These people explained driver...
  9. G

    After cancel the clone hard drive process

    After I click cancel the clone hard drive process. Now my laptop cannot recognise my new ssd and I can't do the cloning process again. Any solution can solve this kind of problems. The reason that i cancel the clone hard drive process is because the estimate time to finish is keep on...
  10. D

    PC Upgrade Suggestions?

    Hi i built my own PC Christmas of last year and this year i am looking to make some upgrades. The computer runs great but i would like to have better frame rates and be able to run my computer at higher quality in games. I have already upgraded my computer by adding an SSD drive but i am not...
  11. S

    My phone can t read my sd card

    Few days back, I was searching for my files in my file manager and noticed that my sd card wasn't recognized by my phone. I tried to remove it and inserted it again and nothing happened. I tried lots of applications to fix it but there's no result. It doesn't say anything like "the sd card is...
  12. I

    Will the Asus Z97A fit into the Corsair Carbide Spec-Alpha Case?

    The case specifies ATX and other ATX variants but I can't seem to find any other information on it than that.
  13. L

    MSI Z1070a PC Mate Won't Connect through ethernet

    Hello, I built a new PC this past July using the MSI Z1070a PC Mate motherboard that ran great until last Tuesday. At that point I turned my computer on and it would not connect to the internet through my ethernet. Nothing else had changed but my computer suddenly wouldn't connect to the...
  14. B

    HD 7950 problems (no signal)

    Hi, i have an hd 7950 and if plug it to system it doesnt provide any video. Then i tried install gt 610 (first slot) + hd 7950 (second slot) and in device manager both gpus are detected so i dont know what to do. Some ideas here? thx
  15. S

    need help identifying PSU wattage

    hey there. so i have this PSU from some unknown brand called "Orange" i want to find out how much wattage it has but im having a hard time in doing so, this is what the PSU sticker says: +3.3V&+5V MAX: 220W im a complete newbie in these things and i have no idea if max 220w is the psu wattage...
  16. H

    Is my hard drive failing?

    When I start up my laptop it makes a clicking sound along with flashing the ethernet and hdd lights, the screen will stay "black" for a few seconds and then the clicking sound and flashing lights stop and my laptop will start up normally. I ran a S.M.A.R.T. test and it said that my hard drive...
  17. H

    144hz monitor under $190

    i play CS:GO nd i have 60hz moniter nd gameplay is not smooth their ...... i wanna upgrade but tight budget and yess i live in india so currency is rupees
  18. O

    Are my temps running a bit high?

    Hi everyone! I just upgraded to a 6700K (not OC'ed yet) with a hyper212 EVO and arctic silver thermal paste. I Cleaned my fans and everything since I was in there already and now idling its around 36C and under prime95 it got up to 78 before I stopped it. Are these temps normal?
  19. S

    Fans in Push/Pull without a radiator?

    I have a couple of fans laying around doing nothing (same brand and max RPM), and I have room in my case to essentially run them in push/pull without a radiator in between them or anything. If I were to mount these fans stacked together, would this just create turbulence or is it just a stupid...
  20. A

    Can this card fir in my pc and casing ?<? Serious Help !!

    Hey guys ! I have a micro atx board but i have an atx casing but my micro casing has one card slot my question was will this card fit in my pc without any stucking unfitting ? My card My pc And Casing...