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  1. B

    BF1 Beta - performance thoughts?

    Just had a go....seeing locked 60fps at 2560x1080, 3.6gb VRAM usage and 80% average CPU usage. It seems that quality settings are fixed. Seems like it could be quite a demanding game. Enjoyable though - thoughts so far?
  2. Andreas Mellis

    Budget Mid-end system.

    Hello everyone, a friend who is going to study abroad recently asked me to build him a PC to take with him. Obviously he is kinda low on money so his budget is about 400-550€ without the case and the monitor. I have found some components that might do the job for him but i need some tips...
  3. D

    Will the gtx 1080 fit?

    I'm building my first pc and I can't seem to figure out if the gtx 1080 will fit in a Rosewill Galaxy-02 ATX Mid Tower Case. Does anyone know?
  4. B

    Windows 10 Or 7 For better Gaming perfomance ?

    should i install windows 10 for better gaming and to get direct x12 one more thing, if a game doesnt support direct x 12 will that cause lag ? and does windows 10 take less resources than windows 7 ?
  5. D

    Does Titan XP support 4 way SLI?

    I know 1080 doesn't. And how does 4 way SLI Titan X (the non pascal one) compare to other gpu (1080 or Titan XP 2 way SLI). I am just curious. Obviously I don't have that kind of money and I won't see any improvement over my minesweeper at 4K
  6. S

    Gaming graphics card needed

    Hi, I'm looking to upgrade my gaming graphics card for a MSI Model ms-7641, what do you recommend?
  7. F

    how can i record live from my toshiba camileo to my hp stream?

    how can I record live from my Toshiba Camileo to my HP stream?
  8. R

    m-ITX build for a combination of couch and desk gaming

    The build What do you think of build? and will everything fit? What is your intended use for this build? HTPC - A combination of gaming on the couch and behind a desk If gaming, what kind of performance are you looking for? (Screen resolution, FPS, game settings) probably on 1080p on as high...
  9. GetMyVengeance

    Samsung Evo 850 240gb or Kingston ssdnow v400 Or I've researched and seen that the Samsung Evo 850 is definitely quicker. My...
  10. Tenslaster2980

    Is the Core i5-6300HQ good for Elgato Stream Command?

    I would have gone with the i7-6700HQ, but anything within my price range has been sold (thanks Amazon). And I saw that the Elgato website says that you need (bare minimum) Core i7-2xxx. And I don't know how this would apply to i5s. **please do not tell me that the i7 is better because of...
  11. S

    RAM speed only 6Gb/s instead of 16-20Gb/s (HyperX Fury 8Gb DDR4 2666Mhz)

    Hello, community! Recently, I bought a Gtx 1070 Gaming G1 gpu, but instead of crushing all games at max, I'm having low gpu usage, as many of other gamers. As I tried to find a solution to my problem, I think I ran every benchmark there is, and I stumbled upon a very interesting result: RAM...