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  1. Question RGB Case Fans 3 pin to 4 pin Adapter Help!

    I've been thinking about upgrading my case for more cooling since I have 3 fans and I have room for up to 5 fans. Right now the fans is connected to the fan hub which is connected to the PSU. My Asus motherboard is "Aura sync" compatible and has two RGB headers and they are 4 pins. The problem...
  2. A

    Question Where do i find 4m aura sync led strip, non addressable?

    as the title says i need minimum 3340mm of rgb strip that is 12v and compatible with aura sync, if i can diy it then im up to suggestions if u can describe what i will need to do
  3. A

    Question Diy aura sync 12 rgb strip?

    Hello, i have an asus tuf b450 gaming plus motherboard and it supports aura sync non addressable, ive built a desk pc and i want rgb strip all around inside it so i will need about 3340mm of rgb strip and i dont seem to find it anywhere. ive been searching around and saw that normal aura sync...
  4. N

    Question How do I connect ARGB fans to a motherboard with no ARGB header while still using aura sync

    How do I connect 3 ARGB case fans and one ARGB CPU fan to a motherboard that has no ARGB connectors while still being able to control them through aura sync. Is it even possible? If so what kind of control box will I need?
  5. A

    Question My addressable rgb led strip wont light up?

    I bought an addressable rgb led strip couple of years ago. Today I plugged it in my pc (with asus B450-e which has addressable rgb header), but it wont light up? I opened aura sync and it detects the led strip, but there is no light at all.
  6. M

    Question Asus b350 prime-plus & aura sync not recognizing fans (deepcool rf120)

    Hi! I have an asus prime b350-plus, and have installed the latest chipset driver, bios, aura, and ai suite, but I can't get aura to recognize my deepcool rf120 fans. No matter what I do. I've tried re-installing aura countless times, even did a full pc reset, nothing. The fans stay red, and when...
  7. Pythonbites

    [SOLVED] Does the Asus Prime B450-Plus Motherboard Support 5V 3-Pin RGB Interface?

    Hello I'm considering these fans and i was wondering if they support the 3-pin 5V RGB interface it asks for. If not, is there an adapter...
  8. M

    Question MasterAir MA620P and Aura Sync

    Cooler Master bills the MasterAir MA620P as compatible with Asus Aura Sync. Can anybody help me figure out how to actually make them work together? I have a B450-F Strix motherboard with a pair of 4-pin RGB headers. The logical (indeed the only) way that I can see to connect the cooler to the...
  9. Rudy herrera

    Discussion aura sync

    hello everyone this is nothing hardware related but is anyone else having trouble with aura sync? i bought some gskill trident z rgb ram sticks and now aura sync doesnt want to open. it was opening when i saw you can only do so little with that software i decided to download gskill software for...
  10. inwert

    Question Kernel power error 41

    Hi everyone. I am helpless and i cant find any solution for my issue. I tried everything. I have bought new psu did clean win instal but still i am getting this stupid error and my pc just turn off when i try to play Division 1. I can play other games too without problem. I havent OC my cpu or...