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  1. andresrdz

    Question ASUS Z170-A powers on but no boot. CPU_LED blinks once every 12 seconds

    Hello Wondering if anyone had similar fault. I've had no luck looking for this specific symptom online or in ASUS manuals. MB: Asus Z170-A CPU: Corie i5 6600k Memory: 4x Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 (32g total) GPU: GTX 1070 Background, this was a running system, it ran well for long time. Last...
  2. C

    Put in new cpu fan and now monitors won't turn on?

    Hi guys, so i just put in a new cpu cooler, i moved my SSD, i moved my graphics card to a different pci slot, and i added a new sys fan. Computer turns on, some of my peripherals turned on, my monitors showed that they had power when i plugged them in, but when the computer was on the monitors...
  3. M

    fan run at high speed and laptop shut off

    My laptop is acer aspire 4736g, windows 7. It always happen before but not that common. But now it happens everytime. I currently formating my laptop with usb bcs i thought it was the virus. In the middle of formating it shut off suddenly. Now i try run it again and it shut off during the...
  4. M

    Can a raid 1 configuration be defrag'ed?

    I have 2, 3tb drives in raid 1...been doing a lot of moving, deleting, etc. Will I gain by defrag'ing the drive(s) (recover disk space, not speed)
  5. W

    Are Taiwanese capacitors STILL junk? (PSU)

    No doubt they once were, many brands at least. Also no doubt solid caps from a good brand are preferable every time. I just ask because the Thermaltake Toughpower XT 775 power supply comes with a lifetime warranty here in Australia and uses some Jun Fu liquid...