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  1. GameNetics

    [SOLVED] Power supplies under 150$ (AU)?

    im looking for a new psu thats around/under 150$ AU, ryzen 7 2700x asus gtx 1060 turbo 2x8gb g.skill b350m artic
  2. xghoststrike

    Computer randomly reboots during games. What could be the cause?

    I have a fairly high-end PC that i have had for about 1.5 years now, practically every part was bought brand new around the release date of the 1080ti so my hardware isn't super outdated or anything. I would say after about a year of owning the pc was when I first experienced my random shutdown...
  3. S

    should i upgrade my RADEON R7 250 1gb to Asus GTX 750ti 2gb

    I would like to ask weather i need to change my gpu. Would it make any different in my game. Currently i have no issue playing game like Dota, Overwatch ,Skyrim. That the game i always play. But my pc start lagging when i play PUBG. Even in lowest setting. So my question is will it make the game...
  4. silversmithy

    App crash when games try to load

    So I recently put together an older gaming rig that is running windows 7 pro 64 bit. The HD was being reused in it from the other set-up but due to some issues with either the HD itself or whatever windows would get to split second blue screen and then go to blk/white error to run system...
  5. C

    Custom Debug LEDs?

    I'm building a testbench for new hardware and wondered if there was anything many motherboards used to push debug codes, like an output or something that I could hook my own LED controller up to. I want to hook up some Nixie tubes up to the bench and look at the debug codes through them, but if...
  6. B

    Refresh rate help

    I need some help figuring out if my PYI 1050 ti will be able to handle the ASUS ROG Swift PG258Q monitor with 240 Hz. I dont know if I will be good with buying this or it will just be a waste of money. Any suggestions?
  7. A

    Gts450 or sapphire hd7770???

    Spec: Celeron g1820 4gb ddr3 ram 500 GB HDD -my question is which of this card is more suitable in my build... I plan to play BF4, farcry3, black ops I'm ok in gaming with 720p and low settings...
  8. Z

    Ac black flag maxed out system req

    Hello,i was wondering if someone could tell me what PC would i need to max out ac black flag on 60fps.Thanks. P.S. i play on 1366x768.
  9. T

    AMD Radeon HD 6300M series card not showing

    After formatting my laptop am not able to use my radeon graphics card after some advice i tried to install catalyst centre but while installing it crashes and show blue bios page.please help me with this am using windows 7 with 64 bit lenovo
  10. W

    In win 10 how move selected programs from ssd to hdd w/link

    I have a new laptop: Win10 Home 64-bit, Intel Core i7 6700HQ @ 2.60GHz, 16 GB, FF 47.0.1 v238GB LITEON L8H-256V2G-HP (SSD), 931GB TOSHIBA MQ01ABD100 (SATA). All programs I install get installed on the SSD but there are some programs I use infrequently that I'd like to move to the HDD. Somewhere...
  11. S

    Cheap build that can be upgraded later

    As explained almost in full by the title, I need a build that would be good for gaming right now, and would be easy to upgrade later. I'm hoping to fit in a 1060 in this build and my budget is 600, but can stretch to 700-750 if the need arises. I already have a build that I threw together with...
  12. S

    gtx 980ti 4k

    HELLO guys i want to play the witcher 3 in 4k specs am going to buy Cpu -i5 4690k gpu- gtx 980 ti gaming MotherB-msi z97 gaming 7 cooler 212 - 8 gb ram hyper x 1600 mhz but all of this specs are [useed] !! this specs enoph for 4k with good fps or what i have to change?? and i want to know...
  13. C

    Is my CPU bottlenecking my gpu

    I have an AMD fx 4350 and I recently got a gtx 690 for a cheap price, however there have been problems while trying to play games. I can't even start up a game without its audio and video stating to stutter and eventually crashing. I my CPU bottlenecking my gpu? Will an AMD FX 8350 fix this problem
  14. D

    Is the GTX 970 worth the extra $80?

    i'm currently on a budget and my current plan is to buy My GTX 960 and then the case and later upgrade my motherboard or monitor. Currently the GTX 970 is just $80 than the 960. Buying the 970 however will set me back for some time. So my question is should I buy the 960 r the 970?
  15. K

    I5 4690 dx12

    so i heard that many weak CPUs will get a boost on dx12 does that mean that more expensive cpus like mine or the skylake new ones wont get a boost? will that mean that even an i3 could get up to the same performance as an i7?
  16. P

    First PC build ~$1000 really need feedbacks please!

    Hi guys, I’m about to build my first ever gaming computer and I want to get your insight. I’m really debating on getting one for overclocking vs. not. I have never overclocked before, so I have no idea if it’s really worth the additional buck i’ll have to put in. I’m hoping to play Battlefield...
  17. N

    whining noise: ASUS Sabertooth rev.2+ AMD fx-8350---4,0 Ghz

    Hello everyone, I need help, cuz from my pc builded 1 year ago, is comming some weird noises, i think its around cpu socket, but i am not sure :/ my pc rig: MOBO:Asus Sabertooth 990FX rev.2 CPU: AMD FX-8350 4,0 Ghz (stock clock) GPU: Nvidia gtx 980 asus strix 4 GB RAM: Corsair Vengeance 2x...
  18. P

    I can access to, but cannot get full displayed both phone and pc

    Last few weeks i still can access to to watch movies, but recently when i use google chrome, internet explorer and mozila also cannot get full display,i try to use my phone to access also get the same result...I using Wifi for Yes (YTL)
  19. S

    I think my benchmarks are low even though my components are high-end(probably)

    today i run passmarks performance test and i got a benchmark score of 1639.82 is it a good passmark score my specs: hp 15 r235ne with windows 8.1 I7 5500 u 2.4-2.8 ghz turbo boost -score:4153 kingston ddr3l 4gb ram-score: 1409 500gb sata hdd score-649 nvidia 820m 2 gb score 3d:649 2d score:642...
  20. M

    My hard drive is damaged and i can't create Windows Recovery

    Hi, my windows 7 acer laptop hard drive crashed recently..well it's not completely dead, the head inside the drive went into the platter and my friend was able to move it back into's still damaged because it's very slow and i had to slowly move all of my files onto an external drive...