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  1. P

    Question New PC Build - Random Auto Reboots

    My new pc will randomly reboot when I play certain games like Satisfactory or CS:GO. I'll hop in game and after 3-4 minutes my screen will go dark and the system reboots. However, I can play other games like Rust or Tarkov for hours with no issues at all. There have also been times where my pc...
  2. parama3500

    Question PC works fine, powers off (no bsod) and turns on after a second.

    It's not due to overheating, I checked, nor due to dust, I cleaned and reassembled. I would just work on my PC, and suddenly it turns off as if the electricity went down, and then maybe 2 seconds later it turns back on, and task managers Up Time is reset. It doesn't matter what I'm doing, it...
  3. A

    programs minimizing twice in a row

    Hi guys, For a while there is a very annoying problem on my windows 10. I don't think the problem is with windows 10 though. I didn't have the problem with it in the beginning. During gaming my game would randomly minimize when full screen or being deselected (like alt tabbed to another...
  4. Ryarwood99

    Dx12 performance question

    Now I know there's no real way to answer this right now and its pure speculation. But as I understand it, basically dx12 puts less stress on the CPU and more on the GPU. I know there is more going on and other ways it's making it more efficient. But for someone like me who has an i7-4790k this...