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  1. sandymsu

    Question EVENT 17, WHEA-Logger A corrected hardware error has occurred. (PC Restart Automatically while playing Games )

    Minidump file Link PC Restart Automatically while playing Games EVENT 17, WHEA-Logger A corrected hardware error has occurred. Component: PCI Express Root Port Error Source: Advanced Error Reporting (PCI Express) Primary Bus: Device:Function: 0x0:0x3:0x1 Secondary Bus: Device:Function...
  2. parama3500

    Question PC randomly turns off and back on immediately. (Temps fine, no dust buildup)

    Around a month ago, suddenly my PC would freeze, that I cant do anything other than turn it off physically. This happened both when PC was idle or under load. However, this issue automatically resolved. Then now, I'm having a new issue. Also happens both when idle and under load, also when...
  3. parama3500

    Question PC works fine, powers off (no bsod) and turns on after a second.

    It's not due to overheating, I checked, nor due to dust, I cleaned and reassembled. I would just work on my PC, and suddenly it turns off as if the electricity went down, and then maybe 2 seconds later it turns back on, and task managers Up Time is reset. It doesn't matter what I'm doing, it...
  4. parama3500

    [SOLVED] PC randomly turns off, then back on itself immediately. Help!

    It's not when I'm doing something intensive, also happens when it's idle; so possibly not a heating issue. (didn't check the temps tho but sure they are under control) I'm just doing something on my PC and screen goes black, fans turn off, just as if the electricity went down, then 1 second...
  5. K

    Dual monitor setup problems with benq XL2411 and a samsung tv via HDMI

    Hi, I recently bought a new 144hz main monitor for gaming (the benq one in the title.) However, I have been using a samsung TV as a secondary "monitor" which I use for youtube/twitch/netflix/whatever either for active watching or passive playing, like music clips during casual gaming. I used...
  6. E

    Need to upgrade, can I keep components?

    Hi guys So here is the deal. My computer is running very slow, I am starting a Creative Agency business and sometimes we look at graphics (key point is starting I don't have many clients so I don't work a lot on graphics) So my build which has around 5 years has been helpful but now it is very...