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    Question Is it Possible to Disable Faulty Temperature Sensor?

    Hey everyone, A while back I started having an issue where the signal to my monitor would suddenly be cut, but I could hear audio continue to play on my computer. After a while, I figured out that a faulty temperature sensor was the issue (it read that my GPU was running at ~95 °C on...
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    [SOLVED] Computer restarting somewhat randomly. Help?

    I recently built a new system, and ever since boot it will sometimes restart itself. No BSOD, no error, nothing. It's not entirely random, there are defintely triggers that force a restart. It really dislikes certain games. My Summer Car and Cities: Skylines cause an almost instantaneous...
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    Corsair H80i GT fans running loud and fast

    Hi there I have had this problem for a while and have tried everything to solve it to no avail - hopefully the community will be able to help me out. The problem: I have a Corsair H80i GT water cooler which acts as a exhaust to the back of my system. It comes with 2, 3 pin fans which are...
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    sony viao recovery laptop VPCEB43FD - blue scdreen RECOVERY - Your PC/Device needs to be repaired The Boot Configuration Data

    Blue Screen with the following details: Recovery Your PC/Device needs to be repaired The Boot Configuration Data for your PC is missing or contains errors. File:\Boot\BCD Error Code: 0xcOOOO14c You'll need to use recovery tools. if you don't have any installation media (like a disc or USB...