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    Question What is possible with HDMI in home multimedia? HDCP ARC...

    Hi everyone, Despite being a network engineer at Cisco, I am a complete noob within the space of multimedia. I know the basic differences between HDMI and DP and the different versions within HDMI, I also know the basics in 4K Video and Audio. But I lack some basic knowledge to understand how...
  2. Question Will an HDMI switcher solve my issue?

    Red hdmi is my current setup. Blue is my theoretical setup. Right now my PC has surround and so does my PS4, I just have to switch the input on the av receiver. Now that I use headphones for gaming, I don't need the surround sound. Currently when playing PS4, I can still use my other...
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    Is My GPU or my PSU dying?

    Specs: MSI H81M-S03 Intel i7-4790 Gigabyte GeForce GTX 780 WindForce be quiet! System Power 7 600W 16 gigs o ram seagate barracuda 1tb Recently, i installed Wargame: European Escalation, however after playing for a bit, the game froze, the screen turned green, then black, followed by my...
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    Looking for Upgrade Recommendations?

    My computer's a few years old now, and I've started to notice I can't handle the best settings for AAA games from 2017. I was wondering A) What would be the most effective upgrade in terms of gaming performance B) What would be the most cost effective upgrade if on a budget? C) If anyone has...
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    In game ping is complete garbage when more than 1 person using the wifi

    So, i live in the middle of nowhere, and we pay for 1.5 mbps internet, but we only get a maximum of 150kbps (Crazy in this day and age, I know), that's 1/10 of what we are paying for, but that's not the problem. I play games a lot. But whenever someone else is on the internet, it could be them...
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    Vulcan on Doom

    Doom is now crashing at starting since I switched it on...all the drivers are up to date and steam and doom are running in admin. mode? What can I do to fix this problem?
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    Light blue background with white dots partially covers screen on Windows 10.

    A light blue non uniform shape with white dots partially covers my screen fir a sew minutes and then, vanishes on Windows 10 anniversary edition. What is this? Help!
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    Bad Ping On All Games

    For some reason get horrible ping in all of mt games i mean like 600ms plus. But its only my computer that gets bad ping my brother is just fine playing smite on his xbox. I have the best internet service available from charter and i have tried open dns and then i tried a vpn but to no avail...
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    Incorrect Ram Speed! Please Help

    I have 1 DIMM of 8Gb 1600Mhz Ram, however in task manager it reports the RAM speed as 200Mhz, should I worry about this.
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    Skyrim +HD Textures +ENB Series Question...

    Okay, so on Windows 7 64bit with 8GB RAM, an AMD FX 6350 and a R9 270x would I be able to run these fine? Or should I go with the i5 4670 instead?