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  1. KaiserPhantasma

    Question Questions About Cleaning My PC Case And It's Underlying Components

    I am about to "preliminarily" clean my PC case and it's various other parts (mobo,ram,CPU heatsink, fans etc) and I have a couple of lingering questions: 1. Can I use a material similar to a shoe brush, it's hairs are approximately 4-6 inches, will it induce an ESD shock to the component or do...
  2. G

    Question New 1660ti and new PSU, random freeze when playing games. No event log

    Hi everyone, Almost 1 week ago I bought a new PSU and new GPU (Gigabyte GTX 1660 ti gaming OC). Now my pc freezes once a day, it doesn't crash after the first time. I've had this consistently every day, times are different every time. I know when it starts to freeze cause first my game locks...
  3. J

    No internet on PC when I add in my wireless router

    As long as I have a direct connect from my DSL modem to my PC I have internet. However, as soon as I add my D-Link router to the setup I lose Internet access on my PC. Yet, I will have internet on all our wireless devices in our house but not on our PC. I have went under my control panel...
  4. scooorpion

    Question FX-8320 and R9 280 Overclocking

    I have a question : can I overclock FX-8320 to 4.0GHZ (its turbo clock) with ICE BLADE PRO V2.0 and Asus R9 280 to 980 MHz(its GPU Boost Clock) on MSI 970A-g43 motherboard just for my gaming time? I don't want to overclock it for rating or any huge things. I just want to have more fps in video...
  5. B

    Monitor For Gaming

    I currently own a BenQ GW2255HM it's a va panel monitor with a response time of 6ms (gtg). This monitor ghost a lot when gaming and using AMA causes inverse ghosting leaving dark trail behind moving objects. So the bottom line is i am looking for a monitor that is ghosting free with a glossy...