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  1. F

    Question B250 Motherboard 1 Bent Pin Pls Help!

    Hey guys, I bought a used motheboard and when I get my hands on it, I have seen that there is a bent pin on it. It is just one pin but I am not sure If I need to try to put it back on place or should I just put the cpu in it and hope that it works. You may also see it on the photo's. Please tell...
  2. Senbonzakura_miku

    Question How to overclock my CPU with a motherboard that DOESN'T support CPU overclocking?

    Another topic just like this was previously created by someone else but too old (2010), and at end no one mentioned how to do it. So, now, after 9 years , how to do it? Please don't suggest me getting a new mobo. If i wanted to, i wouldn't wait and waste my time. I know this isn't an easy work...
  3. J

    Replace storage hdd with raid setup

    I have a 2tb Seagate Barracuda HDD (NOT osdisk) that I want to replace with a ssd raid 0 setup. How would I move everything from the HDD to the Raid partition (including drive letter) and at the same time completely remove the HDD partition so all my programs or files would work properly and...