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  1. U

    Question Low performance after changinh mobo, adding 16gb of ram and fresh reinstall windows.

    Hello everyone, so as the title says, I just changed my mobo from an OEM Acer Aspire TC-886 to a ASRock B365 Pro4, I did a Windows fresh install and I added 2 more 16gb DDR4 2666MHz sticks of RAM, for a total of 32gb. Before I changed everything games ran even better (for example Warzone ran at...
  2. M

    [SOLVED] i3-9100f 38/40°celsius on uefi bios

    hi, I've built yesterday a new pc with i3-9100f an AsRock b365 pro 4 and a Cooler master hyper 212 Led . So everything went fine into posting but I've noticed that my cpu temps are aroun 38/40 degree celsius in uefi and my room temp is around 20°. So i wonder if those temps are normal or are...
  3. Ryz3301

    [SOLVED] What m. 2 type does my motherboard use

    I'm buying the Asrock B365m-Pro4 and i don't know what type of m.2 does my motherboard use since i'm also thinking of buying an nvme m.2 ssd
  4. O

    [SOLVED] Using Older Power Supply With New Motherboard

    I'm going to be replacing the motherboard-processor-memory in my existing 6.5 year old computer. The power supply is a 500W PC Power & Cooling MkIII(PPCMK3S500) that's ATX v2.3 compliant and the new motherboard will be an ASRock B365 Pro4 with an i5-9400F processor. I know the PSU has enough...