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    [SOLVED] B450 Tomahawk red cpu led

    Hi, I've had my computer for a while now and everything was working fine until yesterday. Now the motherboards CPU led turns red when I turn my pc on and I can't boot. I looked online and tried every solution that was written. I changed the CMOS battery, I tried booting without GPU and with one...
  2. Question Help needed adding Raidmax RGB fans to Gigabyte Aorus B450 motherboard

    Fan comes with 2 cables, one for power (molex/3pin support), another presumably the RGB whatsamathingy (male and female tips), that plugs either to a RGB remote or a whatsamdoogle header on the motherboard. The Aurus has a few presumably whatsamadoogle headers on the motherboard, but the mobo...
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    Question Will 3200mhz ram work on this motherboard

    It says that you can use 3200mhz ram but says (oc) next to it https://www.newegg.ca/p/N82E16813145086?Item=N82E16813145086 Can someone pls let me know if that means it will work or i can get that speed if I overclock it if i get 3000mhz