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  1. DirtySZN

    [SOLVED] Need help with RAM upgrade options

    So I am trying to get help with which RAM to possibly purchase as an upgrade to my build. I currently have OLOy DDR4 RAM 16GB(2x8GB) 3000MHz CL16. And my motherboard is ASRock B450 Pro4. From what I’ve read the MOBO only supports up to 3200MHz as per my CPU, but I need help trying to make...
  2. Mr.Bear

    Question System won't POST with Shapphire RX 570 Pulse 4GB installed ?

    Hello, i bought an Shapphire RX 570 Pulse 4GB, that was modded for mining, i've flashed it back with the original bios and worked like a charm on 3 computers: 1. Z97 pro gamer with an i7-4790k, 16GB RAM 2133 mHz, and a 750W power PSU run like a charm 2. B450m-a prime form Asus with a Ryzen 5...
  3. BeaverPrincess

    [SOLVED] Freeze on UEFI

    Hi guys, so today i disassembled my PC to install a new Deepcool Aio and some Enermax fans, the system booted up just fine but whenever i go to my UEFI it just freezes, and i cant do nothing but force reset the PC. Has anyone ever got this problem before? or maybe think of some ways so that i...
  4. P

    Question My CPU fan turns on but no lights on motherboard and no signal from multiple monitors

    I am building a new PC with a ASrock B450 Pro4 motherboard, a ryzen 3.4ghz 6 core processor, a rtx2060 and 16 gb ram. I have followed instructions with psu and wiring but when I turn the PC on, there is no signal from the monitor. The motherboard USB ports work because my mouse and keyboard...