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    Question RAM not detected by BIOS

    Hey guys! I just built a PC for my friend but the machine kept giving them BSoDs after about a week of usage. The most common was IRQL not less or equal and the machine simply won’t boot into crashing; I can’t even boot into safe mode. Sometimes it does boot and goes to the Windows desktop...
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    [SOLVED] PC Build not powering on at all

    First off I had an old Z97s SLI Krait Edition, i5-4690k, 16gb of DDR3 ram and an SSD lying around so I decided to build a PC for the family. I bought the parts: Thermaltake Versa H25, 2TB Red, CX550M, some fans & a dvd drive, all brand new, after the parts arrived I installed it all as usual...
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    [SOLVED] Wraith Max cooling issues

    Good evening. I recently built a new home computer with a Ryzen 3 2200g, a Wraith Max cooler, and an Asrock B450M Pro 4 motherboard. The case I used was a Thermaltake Versa H17 with 4 case fans installed (2 intake fans in the front, an exhaust fan on the top and an exhaust fan out the rear of...