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b450m steel legend

Forum discussion tagged with b450m steel legend.
  1. M

    Question Where is HPET in the BIOS on the Asrock b450m steel legend ?

    I can't find HPET in the bios but in the manual , But in the manual it is available but not in the bios, they removed ??? (BIOS version P2.90). I went to ACPI configuration , no i can't find him. i disabled HPET on windows 10 but I want to do it in the bios too.
  2. M

    Question B450m steel legend P2.90 bios with ryzen 2600???

    If I update my bios from 2.50 to 2.90 there will be a problem knowing that I have a ryzen 2600? Or maybe I will have a better temperature? But on the site it is written asrock do not recommend updating the bios if a pinnacle ridge processor is used.
  3. L

    [SOLVED] Corsair 280x fan/aio configuration

    Hi all, Currently, I have a B450M Steel Legend motherboard from Asrock and the Corsair 280x case. I plan on getting an aio and some fans, what fan and aio configuration/placement would be optimal for this situation?
  4. Bart_k

    Question 4pin not delivering enough power?

    So lately i bought Ryzen 5 3600, AsRock b450m steel legend and one stick of ddr4 8 gb 3200mhz ram from kingston. I didn't have enough money to afford a whole new pc so i decided to buy theese parts and upgrade in near future (the gpu i have is nvidia's old gt 740) and the problem is that...
  5. brahmsPC

    Question Ultra Fast Boot Asrock

    Hi, so I enabled Ultra Fast Boot feature of as asrock b450m steel legend. Now, how can I enter UEFI BIOS without clearing CMOS? is there another way? thank you.