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  1. panmetrix

    Question PC won't turn on with Case Power Switch

    I wonder if someone can help me with my query. System Spec – - i7-10700, 16GB RAM, RTX 2060 Super, 512HB SSD + 2TB HDD, MB – Asus Prime B460 PLUS It’s a fairly new system, I’ve only had it since Sept 2020. I am having trouble turning my PC on, it doesn’t turn on when I press the power button...
  2. L

    Question does h470 need a bios update before running 10400F?

    hi so recently i'm planning to build a midrange gaming - streaming pc (dont say use ryzen cuz its expensive in my location) i was wondering if i pair a 10400f with a tuf h470 pro would i need to update the bios on the MB to be able to boot up with the 10400? plus an extra question: how fast can...
  3. AmeyK

    Question Best RAM for B460 board?

    Hi Guys, I'm planning to buy i5 10400f along with B460 board (most probably MSI MAG b460m mortar). I know there's no room for overclocking in this setup. Can you please help me with deciding best RAM sticks (2*8) for it? I'm fine with 2666mhz but are there any kits whose timings can be...
  4. L

    Question Upgrading a Prebuilt Lenovo Legion i5-10400 ?

    I got the Lenovo Legion i5 10400 from Costco last week and received it this past Tuesday. When I opened it up just to see, the first fan I saw looked off with even a corner broken off. I also read that there's a bracket preventing the D460 motherboard from allowing access to the 6 total SATA III...
  5. M

    Question Asus B460-i bios "the system cannot find any bootable devices"

    MOTHERBOARD : ROG STRIX B460-I GAMING ( BIOS VERSION : 0401 X64 ) CPU : INTEL I9-10900 RAM : Corsair CMK32GX4M1D3000C16 Desktop Ram Vengeance LPX Series 32GB (32GBx1) DDR4 3000MHz STORAGE : Kingston Q500 480GB SATA3 2.5 SSD (SQ50037/480G) Crucial P1 1TB 3D NAND NVMe PCIe M.2 SSD -...
  6. U

    Question 3000mhz memory on Asus TUF B460-Plus?

    Hello, I've just upgraded from 16gb 2400mhz RAM to 32gb 3000mhz HyperX Predator. My motherboard support up to 2933mhz, but my PC won't work when I set it that high, why is that? Also, my CPU is i5-10600k
  7. H

    Question Socket LGA1200 motherboards. Do they differ much in gaming performance?

    Background: I'm looking into building a new PC for gaming and programming. For programming I need to compile large projects, which is CPU, memory and IO intensive. As I now have ordered myself an ultra-wide monitor with 3840x1440 resolution I'm guessing my gaming framerate might suffer with...