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  1. AmeyK

    [SOLVED] NVMe running slow on B460m

    Hi There, My NVMe is running on PCIe Gen 3x1 speeds instead of x4 for some reasons. Any idea why? I tried to reset BIOS but no luck. Setup: i5 10400f, 2x8GB DDR4 MSI MAG B460m Mortar WiFi (BIOS 7C82v14) AMD RX 6700 XT (in PCI_E1 slot) Samsung 970 Evo 1TB NVMe (in M2_1 slot) Crucial MX500 Sata...
  2. J

    Question Using iGPU and discrete card for monitors and VR

    Hoping that someone can educate me... I have an RTX2080 Super and a Valve Index VR headset. I was using the DP(RTX) for the headset and two HDMI(RTX) for the monitors. Integrated graphics were disable by default (MSI Mag Mortar B460M) but there were two ports for monitors on the MoBo. I...
  3. GhostSk

    Question MSI B460M PRO not recognizing Sata ( SSD OR HDD )

    Hi everybody. I used msi b460m pro in my newly installed setup. When I started it for the first time, I saw that no sata connection was working. I see it doesn't recognize hdd and ssd and i am sure they work i have tested it on different computer. I need your urgent help *I reset the BIOS. *I...
  4. M

    Question Dual displays, HDMI has no signal

    I upgraded my system to the specs below a little less than a month ago. Til last night, I was able to use dual monitors(DVI -> E2350 LG Monitor, HDMI -> Sony Bravia TV) perfectly fine. Today, TV shows "No Signal" not even at pre-boot. Tried: replacing HDMI cables (tested 3 of them) hooked...
  5. spiderbatman

    Question ARGB Case Fans - Help

    Hi All, I am a noob when it comes to installing ARGB fans. I have a B460M AORUS ELITE motherboard which supports ARGB. However, if I look at their website, I see that their 2 x ARGB headers are supporting LED strips and there are 2 RGB headers as well on the board. Is there a way I can add 3...