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  1. J

    Question I regret buying the B460M-A R2.0 mobo for the i5 11400F

    So about a week ago I took a trip down to my local computer store and I was originally looking to pair up an i5 10400F with a B460M board. As I was about to make the purchase I end up asking the person at the register if the i5 11400F is worth the extra price and she then convinces to me to buy...
  2. -CR1V-

    Question Help for RAID 0 on Aorus B560M Elite?

    Hi, good morning, I make this post because I can't do RAID 0 on my Aorus mother and I'm looking for help please :) I really don't know what else to do ... I even updated the BIOS to the latest version ... In BIOS, I go to "advanced configuration >>> configuration >>> IO ports >>> SATA and RST...
  3. ziad ahmed

    [SOLVED] Do B560 Motherboards Support cpu overclocking ?!

    iam just asking if B560 Motherboards Support cpu overclocking For Both 10th and 11th gen CPUs ?
  4. rjones007

    Build Advice Is it worth buying i5 11500 over i5 10500?

    I am currently in need of buying new PC. I need mid-gaming professional PC for software development without GPU. My options are below. Rig I : CPU : 10th Gen i5 10500 Comet Lake Mobo : ASUS TUF B460 M-PLUS RAM : 8GBx2 dual Kit 2666Mhz Case : Corsair SPEC-01 Rig II : CPU : 11th Gen i5 11500...
  5. 1337Skrjabin

    Question 10900/11900 build help needed!

    Guys, I need your help in choosing between 10900/11900 and choosing a correct mobo for the final cpu choice. From what i saw from the comparisons, the performance gap between 10900 and 11900 is not that big but the price difference is there. So would it be a good choice to get a 10900 in pair...
  6. S

    [SOLVED] Upgrading RAM on Lenovo B560 ?

    Hello, I want to upgrade RAM of my Lenovo B560 Laptop. Please, let me know the Frequency, Channel, Type and Max Size of RAM compatible with my laptop. I have attached the CPU-Z results of my laptop for your information. CPU-Z TXT Report...
  7. M

    best gtx 980 for my rig

    my pc specs i7 4790k corsair h100i nzxt h440 white asus maximus vii hero segate sshd 2 tb corsair k65 rgb mouse corsair m65 rgb keyboard corsair rm 650 power supply ddr3 16 gb [2x8] 1866 mhz windows 8.1 pro x 64 bit in my country all gtx 980 cost me almost same asus strix msi 4g gigabyte...