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  1. geoiii

    [SOLVED] USB Sound Card?

    If I get a USB sound card will I disable onboard sound and still plug my speakers into back panel and will my Bluetooth headphones work?
  2. P

    Question Can’t fit this SSD in my Corsair PC case.

    I don’t know what im doing wrong i have a kingston sa400 ssd 240gb 2.5 inch sata3 and my pc case has two ssd holders on the back panel i tried putting the ssd in the holder one side doesn’t go in please help, my pc case is a Corsair Carbide 275r series thanks
  3. C

    how to DIY 8 pin PSU to 6 pin PCI-e cable for OCZ600mxsp

    i think i need this one.. or this one... i want to connect my radeon HD 4870 GPU , which has 2 X 6 pin...
  4. G

    Repair install vs clean install - Hardware issues & CPU spiking

    Hi guys. I'm very new to this forum so not sure where to post things atm. A while back I followed a youtube tutorial trying to get a Samsung tablet to show up as a removable storage unit. It didn't work but I'd changed a setting in the system & can't remember where it was or find the video...