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    Question Backlight Keyboard for HP ProBook 450 G6

    When I was choosing between HP Probook(able to install 2 hard drives) and Elitebook(has lid keyboard), I've ended up with the former. Now I feel a bit of pain when typing in darkness. As far as I know, old models like g1-g4 could be upgraded with a replacement backlight keyboard, but with this...
  2. W

    Question I really need help finding a good monitor (I'm getting seriously stressed out!)

    Why I'm upgrading: I only want dual-monitors. I had this but then one broke. Sadly the monitors I own aren't really available anymore, so I can't replace the broken one even if I wanted to. They're super old anyways. The color accuracy is non-existent and they really make my eyes hurt so I'm way...
  3. S

    Question Red light bleed from my 4k monitor is this normal?

    The is a red light bleed from the top right corner of the monitor i.e LG 27uk650 it appeared out of nowhere , I have tried removing the hdmi and Display port it is the same . View:
  4. T

    Question Main screen doesn't get turned on ASUS laptop

    I have an ASUS laptop G550JK with Intel Core i7-4710HQ, 8GB of RAM and GTX850M 4 GB. Also it is dual boot with Ubuntu and Windows 10. An year ago weird issue started coming up where there was 50% chance that when the laptop boots(cold boot) the main screen wont get powered/recognized by...
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    [SOLVED] What is this problem with my new monitor?

    Ordered a new AOC G2790PX, there is a small darkened area/spot in the right bottom of the screen, I am guessing that it's a backlight problem but not sure. What is this exactly and how to fix it? Pic: View:
  6. astraal1

    Question Asus backlight bleed?

    Hey! So my laptop broke and needed new for school and general use. gaming/programming I bought ASUS Rog Strix G. Well in dark scenes blacklight bleeds much worse than any of my other laptops? And led strip when i set it to white... It shows all colors in shades of white? Well anyways led is...
  7. Y

    Question Backlight problems, smart ideas?

    Hello everyone, I want to share my problem and listen to your ideas. I purchased a new monitor and noticed a problem with the backlight, after long disputes with the seller, he sent monitor to the official AOC service in my country. In conclusion, it is stated that no defects were found ... I am...
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    Discussion I want a keyboard that sounds like the Ornata Chroma, but don't want a membrane keyboard again.

    So for a while, I've been playing and typing with a Rosewill Apollo with a red backlight and clicky tactile switches. So I ran across an ASMR video where the ASMRtist was typing on a few different keyboards, and the Razer Ornata Chroma was one of them. I fell in love with the sound, but I'm...
  9. U

    Question New monitor, uneven backlight?

    Hi. I just bought a new 1080p 144hz curved VA monitor, AOC C32G1 ( When I look at a very dark picture or just solid black, I can see greyish patches all over the screen, especially at the top. Here's...
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    Best motherboard among these for overclocking.

    So I have a number of available options here for my 8600k to overclock to 5Ghz : 1: ASUS Strix Z370-H 2: Asus TUF Z370-PLUS GAMING 3: Asus Prime Z370-P 4: Aorus Z370 Gaming 3 5: Aorus Z370 Ultra Gaming wifi
  11. 92hatchattack

    Do I need a factory OC gpu?

    Hey gang, Simple question here... The time for me to buy my GPU is quickly approaching. I was going to go with an Asus OC 1080 ti but the prices are skyrocketing right now... Is there any physical difference between this card and the standard Asus 1080ti? Can I OC it by myself with the same...
  12. M

    Free sony vegas alternative software.

    Sony vegas is out of my budget and Im not looking for a free sony vegas which is illegal. Im looking for a free software like sony vegas, it doesnt need to have all the good functions from sony vegas though, since i just started learning this all by myself. All i want to do is making some still...
  13. G

    HDD to SSD Migration on Acer laptop

    I am currently running Windows 10 as it came from Acer on a 1TB HD but I plan on purchasing a new SSD. I have always built PCs but I know with computer manufacturers, like Acer, they tend to have recovery and other random partitions on the hard drive. Laptop: acer aspire e 15 e5-575-33bm...
  14. R

    RX460 not detected on boot without a monitor plugged in AND turned on?

    I have reasons to believe my new GPU is bad, and I'd like some confirmation that the following behaviour is abnormal: The GPU won't be detected by the computer unless it goes through POST with a monitor not only connected to it, but turned on. Trying to boot without any monitor, or with a...
  15. T

    What PSU Should i buy

    Hey There, Lately my PC started Randomly restarting while in a game session! So i did some Research and i figured it was probably my PSU, Or OverHeating But it wasn't a problem Until 3 days ago And i have this pc for almost a year! So i was wondering what PSU i should buy! in my country the...
  16. N

    Looking for good thermal paste

    I plan on overclocking and i need a good thermal paste that is better than the thermal paste that comes pre-applied to the CPU. I don't care about budget. I just need a thermal paste that can stand up a little better to the stock thermal paste pre applied to the CPU I want to use. The CPU I want...
  17. D

    Asrock Z170 K4/D3 with i7-7700K Kaby Lake and m.2 SSD installing Windows 7 won't work

    I tried installing Windows 7 on my m.2 ssd and it goes so far and then a bsod. Then I tried to install it again and loaded the Intel 600p driver and it says it cannot install on that drive 0x80300001. I tried installing it on my Sandisk sata SSD 960gb and a Samsung 840 EVO 120gb and it says...
  18. waffleisback

    Will these motherboards mounting holes line up?

    I was wondering if these two motherboards mounting holes will line up. Motherboard 1 Motherboard 2 Thanks.
  19. T

    Will the G1 Gaming 1060 3gb Fit into my case?

    Ok so i plan on getting a 450w psu and the 1060 g1 gaming it seems big i have a prebuilt LENOVO K450E im just wondering the case is kind of big will it fit? or no? which card should i get if it wont? here are the specs...
  20. H

    I3 6100 +GTX1060 or I5 6400++1050TI

    Hi im unsure of which combo to take as both looks convincing, one has more GPU power and the other has more CPU power. I will be doing some editing on Adobe Premiere but only 1080p. I will be playing TF2, F1 2016, BF1 and GTA5