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    [SOLVED] Looking for a wireless keyboard with keys that activate backlight only when pressed

    I want a Windows PC full sized wireless keyboard for streaming here in the UK. Not looking for mechanical keys, just a regular modern but stylish looking keyboard. I prefer keys to be slightly raised but pretty close to being flat/chicklet. Can anyone recommend a brand/model that fits this...
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    Question HP Spectre 13 Backlit not working anymore.

    Hi there guys, Issue: Backlit on the keyboard not working. Model : 13-af010ca Specs: i7 - 8550, 8gb RAM, 256GB SSD Warranty expired: April 2019. Troubleshooting: Updated drivers through Hp support assistant. BIOS is upto date. Tried uninstalling keyboard and restarted laptop for windows to...
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    Looking for a laptop for business

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a laptop that matches my criterias below: 14 or 15.6 inch display No need to have dedicated graphics i5 or i7 (since I'm an IT student) No need to have HDD SSD is required and at least 256GB Backlit LED keyboard if possible :) [OPTIONAL] Good audio speakers I...
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    Secure Your Browser And Stop Facebook Tracking

    If you use Facebook, you may already know that Facebook tracks you and stores a lot of information on you. The social media giant has an enormous amount of information on its users. You might not think much about it but in reality, they really do know a lot about you. Your likes/dislikes, where...
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    Mic-in port not working on motherboard but working on front panel of desktop

    Whenever I plug my mic into the port on the front of my case it works but whenever I try to plug it in the "Mic in" on the back of my PC, where the I/O ports are, it does not work and registers it has "speakers" and not as a mic. I want to be able to plug it in the back because its a little...