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  1. Techminator

    Question Data Backup/Synchronization

    I want to backup my 2TB external HDD, 1TB laptop HDD and 64GB Android Phone ROM to an external 5TB HDD. I want to set the backup in a way that whatever files are created/added, deleted or edited, including moving files/folders to different locations are reflected on the 5TB backup drive. It...
  2. Question Two system drives while creating System Image

    I am replacing my old HDD as it's crashing a lot and so deciding to buy a SSD but when I'm trying to create a system image, the program is showing two system drives. Actually, I have two hard disks in my pc. I even tried to unplug the other hard disk(which is not crashing) and the OS still boots...
  3. A

    Question Will my Windows10 Backup work under these conditions?

    I recently decided to upgrade my storage space on my PC, but I’m worried with how things are setup that my system image will not work. I’d like some advice on two combinations. My previous setup is one 120gb m.2 ssd as an OS drive, and two 1TB SSDs in Raid Zero format. I’m replacing it with two...
  4. L

    [SOLVED] robocopy long path names and symlinks

    we need to copy huge amount of data from windows 10 to NAS via SMB , my company manger ask me to find a solution to solve the issue of long path names and copying Symlinks as my friends in another company informed me that they faced problems like that with Robocopy , how can we solve this...
  5. S

    Question What should I look for in a NAS set up

    What should I look for in a NAS set up? This is just intended as an alternative to a raid pair of Seagate Ironwolf 4TB hard drives. Shoudl I still get the pair and put one as the storage drive in the workstation and the other in the Ns box? What should I look for in a NAS box, good and bad...
  6. J

    Question Backup Software

    Hello guys. So I has a question. So I run a small business that handles a lot of Data and backups for my clients. I currently use Teamview to log into each clients server and manually pull down files that need backed up and store them on my servers. This works but its slow and tedious. I need...
  7. Boots27

    [SOLVED] Backing up Data using an Ironwolf drive in desktop.

    So I'm aware of a few solutions to data backup like having a NAS or manual backups to say a cloud service or an external drive. Whilst I'm aware these solutions work well I need something that's less time consuming, more elegant and not overly expensive. My idea currently is to automate the...
  8. Shaun98

    [SOLVED] Need help with encyption

    Hi, I have recently encrypted my system drive using veracrypt but I have multiple other drives for storage of games and files. What im trying to do is encrypt all my hard drives and backing them up to back blaze. How would I be able to back them up without anyone else gaining access to my...
  9. C

    [SOLVED] Easiest Way to Auto Clone M2 to External SSD Daily

    I have two M2 drives in my computer. One for data and one for OS and programs. The samsung 960. Was hoping I could just buy two large SSD drives and clone to each of them through external docking station. Is this possible? And does Samsung have a software or is there something better. Want...
  10. S

    Question EaseUS telling me I don't have enough unallocated Space

    So, I'm trying to restore a backup of what was my C: drive where windows was installed onto an external HDD. I have unallocated 900GB on that HDD, the drive the backup was taken from was only 240GB to begin with. Help appreciated
  11. Leonniar

    [SOLVED] Battery Dead Android Data Recovery

    Hello guys . So recently my phone (Xiaomi redmi note 5A Prime) fell into a pool of water . After letting it dry the device could turn on but was completely unresponsive . A day later the device was completely dead . i opened it up and show that the battery was in terrible shape with bumps and...
  12. ptferg1234

    [SOLVED] Use a backup image of Windows 10 on a new SSD.

    Currently waiting on a new M.2 SSD to arrive and I just need to know how to properly use the image of the SSD. The SSD has Windows 10, programs, settings, a game or two, and some mods. I used Macrium Reflect to make the image and it's stored on one of my hard drives.
  13. A

    Question Is there a browser similar to the old firefox where we can install and KEEP extensions?

    I think it's about time to give another browser a try. Mozilla has already started to block extensions on even the older firefox's even though I have set various things to false and don't allow update checks. I'm hoping to use a browser that allows extensions similar to SAVED & QUICK...
  14. D

    Question Question About Incremental Backups

    Currently using a seagate dashboard continuous backup. The issue is it's filled up my entire 1tb drive somehow, yet I only have 200gb of data total on my pc. I'm looking into new options. What i'd like to know is if there's a way to back up to a single external HDD, without having to delete the...
  15. C

    Question EaseUS Todo Backup

    Hi, i backup a partition to an ssd and when i tried to recover the files it doesn't recognize the ssd.What is the problem? Regards, Mpampis
  16. D

    Question Assessing My Data Backup Options (In Need Of Opinions)

    What I was currently using was an incremental backup using seagate backup software. This is the software that comes with seagate external hard drives. The problem is after only a year or so the incremental backup has used up the entire 1tb drive. And this is especially problematic because my...
  17. F

    Discussion open media vault and windows domain controller

    ok so more info needed but I don't have a direct question to ask. I would like to setup a domain controller for a few windows systems. I don't have many computers right now but It will grow. right now its just for 2 windows 10 machines and 1 windows 7. I need to have an admin account I can...
  18. J

    Question Backup automated method?

    Hi there, I am setting up a external backup drive for m laptop. I do not require a backup of the windows disk image, just a few folders. I am wondering if there is a function in windows or an app that will detect whenever the backup external drive is plugged in and compare the contents of the...
  19. C

    Dell S2719DM 27" QHD HDR Monitor Review: Style Meets Performance

    With stylish looks and impressive HDR capabilities, there aren't many screens better than Dell's S2719DM at this price point. Dell S2719DM 27" QHD HDR Monitor Review: Style Meets Performance : Read more