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    Question Is there a browser similar to the old firefox where we can install and KEEP extensions?

    I think it's about time to give another browser a try. Mozilla has already started to block extensions on even the older firefox's even though I have set various things to false and don't allow update checks. I'm hoping to use a browser that allows extensions similar to SAVED & QUICK...
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    Question Question About Incremental Backups

    Currently using a seagate dashboard continuous backup. The issue is it's filled up my entire 1tb drive somehow, yet I only have 200gb of data total on my pc. I'm looking into new options. What i'd like to know is if there's a way to back up to a single external HDD, without having to delete the...
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    Question EaseUS Todo Backup

    Hi, i backup a partition to an ssd and when i tried to recover the files it doesn't recognize the ssd.What is the problem? Regards, Mpampis
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    Question Assessing My Data Backup Options (In Need Of Opinions)

    What I was currently using was an incremental backup using seagate backup software. This is the software that comes with seagate external hard drives. The problem is after only a year or so the incremental backup has used up the entire 1tb drive. And this is especially problematic because my...
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    Discussion open media vault and windows domain controller

    ok so more info needed but I don't have a direct question to ask. I would like to setup a domain controller for a few windows systems. I don't have many computers right now but It will grow. right now its just for 2 windows 10 machines and 1 windows 7. I need to have an admin account I can...
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    Question Backup automated method?

    Hi there, I am setting up a external backup drive for m laptop. I do not require a backup of the windows disk image, just a few folders. I am wondering if there is a function in windows or an app that will detect whenever the backup external drive is plugged in and compare the contents of the...
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    Dell S2719DM 27" QHD HDR Monitor Review: Style Meets Performance

    With stylish looks and impressive HDR capabilities, there aren't many screens better than Dell's S2719DM at this price point. Dell S2719DM 27" QHD HDR Monitor Review: Style Meets Performance : Read more