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bad bios

Forum discussion tagged with bad bios.
  1. hasaga

    Question NEED HELP!! Bad Bios Update..

    I have a ECS H67 H2 m3 v1.0 Motherboard.. i just try to update bios with eBlue software in windows 10 and is crashed.. now i cant turn on my pc. only power. no usb ports working for keyboards and mouse. its just power on . no display.. Help me plz...
  2. drinilajqi

    Question Bios update help please ?

    So someone updated the BIOS motherboard and i was there when he did, it it was a successful update it finished and when it restarted it shut down turned on again shut down and again turned on, but no signal on the monitor waited like 20 mins then i pressed the power button to turn it off, the...