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    [SOLVED] Three Bad Gpu's in a row?

    I bought a refurbished zotac 1080ti in August, and, after 2 weeks, I started having problems. I concluded that it was the gpu and I got a refund. In September, I bought a refurbished Zotac 2080. Again, I had issues. After much research, troubleshooting, and talking to tech support, I concluded...
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    [SOLVED] PC has seems to have "fried" two GPUs now. Why?

    So I bought an EVGA SC2 1080 Ti about 2 years ago. I started to notice problems with the graphics card at the beginning of 2020. These problems include my display randomly freezing for a few seconds and not being able to play games on high graphics settings. The problems got to a point where I...
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    [SOLVED] Possible bad psu

    I just bought a new gpu, msi gtx1650 super, and when I plug it in the pc wont power up. It does power up without the card no problem. I initially thought it had to be the new card so I sent it back and the replacement just came in but I still have the same problem. Could it be 6 year old...
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    Question Random no video output when starting sometimes, please Help!

    Whenever I turn on my PC it will only give video/audio output through the GPU or the motherboard, but not both. It's like it randomly chooses each time i turn it on. Sometimes it only works though the GPU and sometimes only through the motherboard. I am connecting through HDMI to my tv...
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    What is the best cpu cooler for my case? low budget

    Can someone please help me finding a low budget cpu fan that will fit in my case? my case: Thanks Greetz David