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    Question High Ping with 1Gb fiber

    Hi, so i have recently made a comback to gaming ,not having played for a month i was gaing to set up all the stuff but i noticed i got higher ping in games ,i was getting 65-70ish as before i was getting 50-55ish. I assumed it was a server thing but the more i played i started getting random...
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    Question Bad Internet Drops 30 Upload to Under 1

    So recently, I've been having these internet drops to where my upload is consistent at a steady 30, maybe every 45mins every hour my upload and download speeds drop. I'm a stay at home dad and play professionally and stream on twitch so having such an inconsistent upload speed makes it near...
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    Question Internet cutting out every 30 seconds

    Although I have DSL internet, the consoles at my house play flawless, as well as the other PC in my house that is used by my two brothers for roblox and stuff. I have mainly been playing CSGO and rust and they both cut out just as frequently, these cutouts also affect discord. I have tried...
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    Rx 460 fit

    Will RX 460 power color 2gb fit into Acer aspire m3802 ?
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    Cpu overvoltage error! Please help!

    When I turned on my PC today, my motherboard (Asus x99 deluxe) popped up with a message saying that there was a cpu overvoltage error. I went into the bios and saw that my 5960x was pulling 1.8 volts out of the wall instead of the 1.3 I set it at! I freaked out and pressed the reset button and...