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  1. xpridex

    Question GPU usage fluctuations, Fps drops, and texture popping or poor LOD (bad distance draw) ?

    Hello, I got an Rtx 3070(paired with a ryzen 5 2600) for a few weeks now and im experiencing gpu usage fluctuations in almost every games.(Stray, spiderman, rdr2, Sea of thieves...and many more).. it happens every time i look at a certain building or environment that have things to render or...
  2. maybeDavey

    Question I have a really weird graphics problem, and it's driving me nuts.

    I have a very strange problem with my computer, first I will give you my pc specs and then I will tell you the story. Old PC: Non Modular 500W Thermaltake PSU (Replaced by Non Modular 600W EVGA 80 Plus) Motherboard ASUS M578LM-USB3 CPU FX-6100 CPU Cooler AM3 Stock GPU GT-710 (Replaced by...