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  1. G

    Question Frequent BSOD's. & C Drive disk check after every restart. Suspect bad RAM.

    I have 32GB of RAM on 2x 16GB sticks. About 2 weeks ago I started getting frequent BSOD's but almost a different error code every time. I also get these disk error checks for the C drive after every restart whether its from a BSOD or not. It never says it finds errors. The most frequent error...
  2. T

    Question Bad RAM or faulty DIMM?

    I've been experiencing occasional BSOD, and have narrowed the issue down to either RAM or DIMM slot/s. I tested my ram a week ago with memtest86 and got over 30 errors (oof.) However, I have since tested all 4 modules individually in DIMM 1, and all passed without any errors. I also tested all 4...
  3. CaptainDiabeto

    [SOLVED] PC Shuts Off Randomly When Using It

    My PC For The Most Part Has Done Pretty Well In The Past With No Significant Errors/Crashing, Until 3 Days Ago. Now My PC Wont Go 5 Minutes Without Shutting Down & It Does It Randomly; Sometimes In Windows, Sometimes When I'm In The BIOS & I'm Completely Stumped. Here's A List Of Things I've...
  4. RealSmoke

    [SOLVED] Memtest86 Stage 1 65535+ errors :/

    My pc frequently freezes or bsods, memtest86 gives back 65535+ errors in 1st stage time for new ram i guess... Rest of the pc configuration is : Mx 500 crucial 256gb ssd . Msi gt 330 I3-530 and 2x2 DDR3 1333mhz ram
  5. D

    Question Random no video output when starting sometimes, please Help!

    Whenever I turn on my PC it will only give video/audio output through the GPU or the motherboard, but not both. It's like it randomly chooses each time i turn it on. Sometimes it only works though the GPU and sometimes only through the motherboard. I am connecting through HDMI to my tv...
  6. classguy

    ASUS X99-A II 2400 64GB kits. G.Skill 8x8GB vs Corsair 4x16GB

    I'm in the US, putting together a new build and looking for 2400 64GB memory kits, since I do a lot of multi-tasking, lots of open windows and a lot of open Chrome tabs, graphics and video editing plus virtualization. On my older system I currently have 32GB but now and then that gets pegged...