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  1. A

    Question HDD failing after hard shutdown

    I had a windows update stuck on 0% for hours so decided to just hard shutdown my pc. After booting up again, windows ran a scan and repair on my second drive (not my windows drive). The repair was progressing extremely slow and the ETA was over a month so I rebooted and skipped scanning. Boot...
  2. D

    Question Bad sector help

    I did chkdsk f: /r and i found 412 kb bad sectors Any suggestions how can i fix it ?
  3. Bros1083

    Question Uncorrectable sectors can't create an image/clone or manually transport data

    I've tried Chkdsk /r and /b and after using EaseUS there are 3 bad sectors and I can access like 99% of the data like pictures and videos fine but if I try to transfer it out using an image or cloning it to another HDD/SSD it keeps crashing and saying the device is disconnecting (it's an...
  4. J

    Question WD Harddrive spiking to 100% and bad sectors.

    Hi there! Yesterday one of my Western Digital internal harddrives ran into trouble. Therefore I reach out to you, the many wise members of this forum, for some help. SEQUENCE OF EVENTS It all started with the computer lagging, and filetransfers going really slow. I then noticed that the...
  5. B

    Question Windows not detecting HDD bad sectors, but CrystalDiskInfo gives warning

    Hi, I live in an area with really unstable power so we have frequent cuts. Unfortunately, this led to my PS4 shutting down incorrectly a few times, and after a while it started to get slower and slower until it eventually stopped starting up due to corruption. I tried to format the hard drive...
  6. sachet61

    Question Is my HDD failing?

    These days the number of bad sectors found after running CHKDSK is increasing. So, I ran SMART results and found the result containing reallocation sector count as 200 and current pending errors count as 194. Link for my SMART result of HDD
  7. wasted1803

    [SOLVED] Will pending/bad sectors turn my BitLocker encrypted HDD into a brick?

    Hey guys. I have recently got me a brandnew Seagate Exos 10TB Enterprise HDD and I have used over 80% of its free space. The Harddrive is 100% healthy right now. I'm taking this HDD to my office and I have to encrypt the whole disk to protect my sensitive data. When harddrives get older...
  8. T

    [SOLVED] I have bad sectors on my HDD can i use it as an external storage device ?

    I am currently using a Toshiba MQ01ABF050 500GB internal hard disk drive. In Crystal Disk Info it shows health status as caution and a yellow mark on Reallocated sectors count. Upon researching on internet i figured out that my HDD has some bad sectors and soon it will die. So now i have...
  9. M

    [SOLVED] bad sector!

    how bad is this and can be fixed?
  10. M

    Question Old, faulty HDD taking forever to format

    Hi, I have an old data drive that's recently developed a slew of apparently bad sectors. I started a full format (in the most BFU way, by right-clicking it in "Computer" and selecting "Format"), but the progress bar's not moved from zero for about an hour now. Should I continue my efforts to...
  11. D

    [SOLVED] Clone HDD or Replace HDD, what do I need to or know, if I do one or the other?

    Hi so as you can see in the title, I'm considering on either cloning my old HDD or replacing it with a new one, the reason for this is because it is now showing "reallocated sectors", from what I've read "reallocated sectors" are bad but it is OK as long as it doesn't increase, well in my case...
  12. teqq

    [SOLVED] very slow READ speeds

    Toshiba DT010ACA100 there's was like 7 reallocated sectors in hd tune and some other sector related errors i don't remember.. now.. what's causing the read speeds to become as slow as 10mb/s compared to 190mb/s writes? the drive has been formatted and the read speed went up to 60 but is...
  13. amir.bisk

    [SOLVED] Reallocated Sectors Count on HDD

    Hi, I have a HDD from Seagate (ST1000DM003) I've had this hdd for 6 years ; it's power on time is 6730 hours. I was using HDD Sentinel for monitoring this HDD like always but suddenly every thing on windows freezed and the HDD Sentinel showed 12% health with 8 Reallocated Sectors Count and 240...
  14. O

    [SOLVED] Is it a bad sectors behaviour?

    Hello. Currently I use a SSD for the operational system and a game or two, and a HDD for any storage needs, including other games. In the last week or so, I've been noticing a constant high disk usage regarding the HDD, even when I'm not accessing anything in it at all. Not only that, but the...
  15. Question What is up with my hard drive ?

    Earlier this year, I upgraded my old intel system to Ryzen. My old system had just 500GB of Internal storage. That Western Digital HDD is really old. Having 2x1TB of external storage, I didn't really need internal storage much except for OS. So anyway, it was working just fine on my old system...
  16. P

    Question Unable to clone HDD to SSD. Please Help

    I bought a Samsung 860 Evo SSD yesterday. Ever since I plugged it in, I've been struggling to migrate my data from my HDD. So after watching a few tutorials, I downloaded EaseUS todo and started cloning my C: drive. At first, I was returned with an error that said : Failed to read sector...
  17. C

    Is there a way i can get my computer to run better?

    Recently my computer has been dropping a lot of frames. It has something to do with my cpu. I also mixed 2 4gb ram sticks with 2 1gb stick to get 10gb of RAM (I've done that about a year ago). If you guys need more info let me know. Thanks.
  18. F

    Laptop wont boot after ram upgrade

    Hello, I decided to buy new memory for my Acer Aspire V7 582pg, in addition to integrated 4GB. Now my system wouldn't even get into the bios, everything looks working (fans etc), display starts blinking. It works normal without additional memory (only with integrated ram) and with the old one...
  19. Ivan Pavlovic

    Will bottleneck happen?

    Will fx 8300 bottleneck gtx 1050 ti?
  20. J

    Rewiring phone jack

    Thanks for this forum. I have router connected to phone jack via basic telephone line cord. This phone jack works well. However, when I go to different room with phone jack that has identical appearance, I do not get signal. I think I must rewire this phone jack. Am I right? And is this a...