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    Question (childhood game)I can't remember the name

    Well it will sound weird but there is a game that you caontrol a hairy(i think red) ball. You have to go and take some smaller balls from around the map(the map is small like pacman but with better graphics) and bring them back.The balls look like the ones in chuzzle, it's cartoony and i...
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    Custom pc advice

    I'm new to building my own PC and I was wondering what more experienced people might think of my current build. I feel like it's pretty solid but if there are any things that would make more sense to use please tell me. Here is my build...
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    Graphics card too powerful for my computer?

    Hi I bought a GTX 770 to replace my GT 610 when I put the GTX 770 in its comes on the bio screen and wont let me type on my keyboard, the only buttons that work on the keyboard are the caps/num locks and after a while it goes on to a black screen where a curser is flashing in the top left...