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  1. D

    Question Mixed crucial rams, shall I upgrade?

    I have a some green crucial ram 8gb 2400mhz from my old Intel build. I bought a crucial ballistix elite 2666 Mhz stick and I planned to buy one more later, but 2-3 months later I couldn't find any. The Ballistix one downclocks itself so they are working in dual channel, but I know that mixing...
  2. ColopiX

    Question X58 RAM advice/problem.

    Hello,i have Asus x58 Rampage Extreme III motherboard and 4gb of ram installed. I want to upgrade this system but dont know what ram modules to choose because its old beast mobo. I found some corsair TR3X6G1600C9 v2.1 1.65v 2x3GB (6GB)1600mhz kit and in the motherboard manual i can find this...
  3. S

    [SOLVED] Run 4 dimm of crucial ballistix at 3200Mhz

    Hi there. I have such a set, but it does not work to run the memory on 3200MHZ. As you can see I have two kits. Everything works steadily at 3000, but as soon as I raise the speed to 3200 the blue screens start and the stability tests drop. Tried to raise the...
  4. Darkisback

    Question Adding memory to the system

    This is my system: Gigabyte A320M-DS2 Crucial Ballistix 8 GB DDR4 2666 MHz Ryzen 3 1200 RX 580 4 GB FSP 500W Bought new memory today . Same memory in my system. But it's 3000 MHz. I know my RAM's will run 2666 MHz. Can I OC my 2666 MHz RAM? I want to use both 3000 MHz. Can I do this?
  5. J

    [SOLVED] Are my new components a good idea ?

    So i want to upgrade my computer, my processor and my ram more specifically. Right now i got this specs : CPU : AMD FX-8320 Motherboard : Asus M5A97 R2.0 Ram : 4 * 4Go DDR3 700MHz Graphics : Radeon Sapphire RX-580 And the component i have in mind right now are : CPU : Ryzen R5 2600X Motherboard...
  6. crazybrt

    Question problem between RAMs & Motherboard

    hello. first time posting on this forum :giggle: so... I bought new motherboard (Aorus z390 Ultra) and memory (Ballistix Tactical Tracer RGB (4x8gb,DDR4-2666) when I install all 4 rams on slots PC doesn't turn on, just restarting continuously, automatically. now it's working on dual channel...
  7. T

    [SOLVED] Amazon Smart Plug Help - 2.4GHz vs 5 GHz

    Amazon Smart Plug Help - 2.4GHz vs 5 GHz Hi everyone, I don't know much about this, so I am reaching out to all of you. I got an Amazon Smart Plug for Christmas and it will only work when I have my wifi set to 2.4GHz. The problem is, my wifi is so slow on my phone and laptop when it is set...
  8. X

    windows 10 taskbar

    I want to have a second taskbar e.g. vertically on the right side of my screen where I can pin all my games so I can scroll through instead of having my desktop flooded with shortcuts.
  9. J

    Need help connecting my graphics card to my monitor

    I have just bought a GTX 1070. My monitor only has one input of VGA (yes i know its bad, dont have the money for a better one right now). The graphics card only outputs, hdmi/displayport/DL-DVI-D. Is there a way i can connect them without losing quality or getting input lag.
  10. clutchc

    How to Boot to Safe Mode from cold start?

    Since Win 10 and UEFI, it seems one can't get F8 to trigger safe mode anymore. Is there any hidden shortcut to get to safe mode from a cold start. I'm aware that eventually after several failed boot attempts, Win will finally enter the Recovery Environment and allow entering safe mode that...
  11. M

    Upgrading a Motherboard

    Is there is a way to upgrade a motherboard without installing a new OS ? Just because my old motherboard have some problem The OS is Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
  12. C

    Defragging / windows update caused black screen of death AGAIN

    So this is this 2nd time this has happened after using defraggler (and PC asking for random windows update)! -I defragged my PC during the day for about 5 hours. -I got home, paused and stopped the defragging. -I go to shut-down my PC and get 2 options: 'update and restart' and 'update and...
  13. M

    Canon 60D cannot be detected by PC

    Hi everyone! So recently I got myself a desire to start streaming via my Canon 60D and started figuring out how it goes. Nothing special really, just got the cables(USB one and micro HDMI in to HDMI out) and and installed EOS utility on PC and updated it and that's basically it. But now I'm...
  14. D

    Toshiba L75-b7240 Brick?

    Toshiba L75-b7240 with Windows 10 restarted for an update, shut down and now will not start. Power button light comes on, as does the power light on the front; optical drive spins up, but no splash screen or any other indication of life. I think the Win10 update powered it down during a BIOS...
  15. W

    Best GPU for a Dual Booting Windows 7 (or 10) and XP computer

    So originally I created a gaming computer that could play any game from the Windows XP time period and below (Basically, Crysis 1 down to Day of the Tentacle). I recent got a copy of a fresh install for Windows 7 and created a Dual Boot for this computer. I am currently using a AMD Radeon HD...
  16. R

    disk usage is at 100 percent all the time

    i have recently noticed that things opened really slow on my computer and things were just in general going slower so i open tm and looked at my cpu usage and everything was normal until i opened resource monitor and ns.exe is almost always using 100% of my disk and it will stop every now and...
  17. S

    Need help building a budget gaming PC.

    So I would like to build a gaming PC on a budget. The budget would be 1200 Litas what is about 468 in US dollars. All the parts I will be buying is from . The parts I need are: CPU, GPU, MOBO, RAM and a PSU. I will leave the links of each component as there's no English option...