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    Question E900 router with ip cameras no bandwidth ?

    Hi, i have a router e900 300mbps and 2 IP cameras using rtsp with 2mbps (and limited with QoS too), my wifi speed is 100mbps of download and 25mbps of upload, the problem is that i don't have bandwidth and i am not sure why, i run a speed test and i am getting 10mbps and 2mbps (i am next to the...
  2. O

    Question Multiple Ethernet NICs vs one Ethernet NIC + Ethernet switch

    Hello, in which cases does it matter if you have multiple physical Ethernet interfaces on your mainboard or only one Ethernet NIC that is connected to an Ethernet switch? The only reason that comes to my mind is that multiple 1 Gigabit Ethernet NICs are a compromise between a single 1 Gigabit...
  3. Hardquery

    [SOLVED] M.2 Pcie4.0 slot bandwidth with Nvme 3gen ssd

    I am planning to build a new PC with Ryzen 3700x for video editing content creation and rendering finalising motherboard between b550 b450 x470 x570 . As Nvme m2 gen4 are expensive I decided to get Samsung 970 EVO plus 1 TB which is pcie 3rd gen m.2 ssd drive. I saw benchmark of Nvme 4 gen...
  4. S

    [SOLVED] Does the ethernet and wifi get different bandwidths in a router?

    I have a Netis WF2411 150 Mbps Wireless router. The router is placed in my bathroom. The signal strength is very good in every case. I tested some scenarios for the best possible speed for my PC. Case 1: Connected the PC through ethernet and no other device was connected to the Wifi. Case 2...
  5. D

    [SOLVED] How to use my Router's QoS

    Hello, I'm trying to use QoS of my router to either change the priority of bandwidth or limit wireless bandwidth because I'm connected to my router using ethernet cable but while I'm working, other devices in the home which are connected to the router use too much bandwidth and cause problems...
  6. Pingo9

    Question Ac 9260 5Ghz stuck on 20mhz?

    Recently i had to replace the antenna cables since they broke one month before i was able to replace it. Meanwhile i had to format my computer. I have a 200 Megabit/s connection and before that i was able to use all of it, almsot 25,6 Megabyte/s on download. Now, for some unknown reason, i can...
  7. C

    [SOLVED] WiFi device count

    Hello, I am wanting to figure out what I need in a router to support a certain number of devices. In theory can I have up to 100 phones connected simultaneously to a router? And does it need to be a specific router? Will the speed still be decent for the important ones if the other 90 are...
  8. L

    [SOLVED] 8mb for 10 desktops?

    Is 8mb a good enough bandwidth for 10 desktops computers for YouTube streaming or simple file downloading for 7 hours a day?
  9. T

    Question Diy server

    Hello my accademy has someprojects set out and one of them is to set up a WebPage for the accademy . They give us the option to set up our own server or to buy a host (accademy founding) . So i would like to ask if we build the server there are 700-1000 users active at the same time what are...
  10. P

    [SOLVED] Can I control access to 1 client using my WiFi.

    I would like to let someone use an old laptop to connect through my WiFi. I am a gamer and I only have my PC (Hard wired) and Phone in use when gaming. If I allow another person access to my WiFi is there a way to easily turn that client off when I'm gaming? So only my allowed connections...