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  1. E

    [SOLVED] Downloading through Powerline Adaptor causes Router to disconnect from Internet

    Hi all, Recently purchased a Netgear Powerline 1000 adaptor, and it causes the router to disconnect from the Internet in specific situations (troubleshooting gives me the error "default gateway unavailable"). So far, it only happens when I try to do a multi-threaded downloads; e.g. a...
  2. A

    Question Best router for my household

    I'm looking to replace my router since we just lost the 2.4GHz band wireless. I'm looking for a high bandwidth/capacity router since I have multiple people using the network for video calls daily. I have no solid budget, just nothing industrial and expensive, ie 500 dollars.
  3. R

    [SOLVED] m.2 port running at x2 instead of x4

    Hi, I just picked up a new Samsung 970 Evo Plus 500gb NVMe drive and all benchmark tests are running at roughly half speed. According to the Samsung Magician software, I'm running on PCIe Gen 3x2, but the motherboard (GA-Z170x-UD5 TH) manual says that the m.2 shares bandwidth with the PCIe x4...
  4. Gamer45XD

    Question Limited Download Speed

    i got limited download speed on IDM,Utorrent max 500kb while i am getting 1mb download speed on uplay..........Is There any solution ?
  5. damager9408

    Question total RAM bandwidth must be same to CPU max memory bandwidth for i7 4930k?

    Hi guys. Im first time at english forum. My english is bad and rude. Sry for that. Im using translator alot. Im bad at PC as well, sry if my question sounds stupid :) Question: My i7 4930k have 59.7 GB/s max memory bandwidth, my total RAM bandwidth ~25Gbs. Could this be a problem? In most of...
  6. P

    Question Does limiting download speed make my pc use less bandwidth?

    I am downloading something on my pc and i have the option to limit the download speed to a certain amount (900 kbs, 800kbs, etc). Will doing this make my pc use less bandwidth/internet? OR will my pc hoard bandwidth but just not use all of it? Btw, im using utorrent to download
  7. S

    [SOLVED] Would 2 routers provide higher bandwidth/reduce bandwidth-related problems?

    Hi guys. I currently have rather poor internet speeds (7Mbps down, 1Mbps up), and due to the mostly large number of devices connected to our router (+ bandwidth-hogging devices, e.g. streaming devices), the internet becomes essentially unusable besides general internet browsing. I am currently...
  8. S

    [SOLVED] SLI ok on PCIe slots 1 and 5?

    Hi guys, I have this MSI x99a SLI Plus Mobo with i7 5820k, two GTX 1070s and a Samsung m.2 950 pro. I just moved the bottom GTX from PCIe slot 3 to slot 5 because the top GTX on slot 1 was getting too hot. Is it going to be a problem? I was reading the manual but I really don't understand the...
  9. P

    [SOLVED] Is there a program to check if any programs are capping my internet speeds?

    I currently have gigabit internet and am capping at 130Mbps download speed, i have all the current hardware so i don't understand why i am not getting higher speeds, i even lag while playing online games. Meanwhile my sister has a newly built computer which easily gets 900+Mbps, I'm not sure why...
  10. C

    [SOLVED] pcie 4 x4 vs pcie 3 x16

    my pc has a free pci 4.0 4x slot can i add a secondary pcie 3.0 x16 Gpu by using adapter and riser and not bottleneck it p.s. i know pcie is 4.0 is 2x faster also what card at max i could stick it with
  11. H

    [SOLVED] Can a really bad Download/Upload speed affect latency (ping) ?

    What i've understood is that latency is the time it takes for a signal to travel from point A to point B and to come back from point B to point A. Download/Upload speed would be the amount of data that is Received or Sent in 1 "trip", so, in theory, they should be unrelated. My question is...
  12. C

    Question Online games not loading in

    So I've been having some problems with my online games such as Rainbow Six Siege loading in, and I suspect it may be my internet connection, as it is only slow when I am also streaming movies onto my TV. I am using an ethernet connection to my router, as well as my brothers Xbox, which is also...
  13. E

    Question Bandwidth DDR4 vs. DDR3.

    Though DDR4 came with higher frequencies, it also came with higher CAS Latencies (CL), resulting in a pretty small improvement regarding responsiveness, over DDR3. How is the bandwidth of DDR4 compared to DDR3? Are there any improvements? (as it is between single channel vs. dual channel; or...
  14. N

    [SOLVED] Performance with 3 sticks of ram

    So I've heard you can use 3 sticks of ram on your motherboard, but I've also heard it could decrease performance because you have to use one stick in single channel mode. My question is, if ram usage stays under 8gb (assuming there are 2x4gb sticks running in dual channel and one 4gb stick...
  15. teqq

    [SOLVED] Sites not loading while downloading

    Websites just won't load if i put something on download. changed the router 2 times and it does the same on wi-fi and phone, what can it be? it's like some QoS stuff not working(not leaving bandwidth for web) but same on different routers, so wtf?
  16. J

    [SOLVED] Can you use a male to male DIMM riser as a highspeed interconnect between computers in a cluster?

    Can you use a male to male DIMM riser as a high speed interconnect between computers in a cluster? You could get the lower latency than PCIe and a decent amount of bandwidth (according to kanewolf, latency is WAY more important than bandwidth). So would that work?
  17. S

    Question 4 ram in dual channel

    I want to build a system for editing and rendering, the motherboard supports only dual channel I see any difference in bandwidth if I buy now one set 2x8 and later another set 2x8 instead I buy one set 2x16 The ram 2x8 The ram 2x16...
  18. U

    [SOLVED] [Solved] PC doesn't use full bandwidth

    Hey there I'm currently having some issues regarding my bandwith: my PC doesn't nearly use the full bandwidth it gets. What im trying to say is that while shows me more or less my full bandwidth (200Mbit/s is our plan and speedtest shows 140 to 200Mbit/s), software like Steam...
  19. M

    Question Audio loss with Creative X-Fi after late Feb/early March 2019 update?

    Not sure how to describe this but it 'seems' to be related to the March 2019 Windows Update. -Audio cuts off in games after playing a variable timeframe of 8-30 minutes. This affects the whole OS. -Temp. fix would be to close all browsers and anything else using audio then go into Device...
  20. S

    [SOLVED] Build help

    So I could do with some help guys n gals. I want to upgrade my pc graphics cards and I'm wondering what you guys can suggest. My motherboard is a lenovo isxm6 I have 16gb ram Intel i5 2400 processor And a 500 watt power supply. And a Asus geforce 710 2gb graphics card and its low profile...