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  1. D

    upgrading ram sticks

    can i install 8g of ram if the manual only said 4g of ram
  2. G

    Invalid IP configuration

    Hi guys, I have a problem with my pc, when I do the troubleshoot says me: The wifi doesn't have a valid IP configuration . What I can do?
  3. B

    771 to 775 mod question

    I need to know if anyone has done the 771 mod on an ASrock G41C-GS R2.0 using a Xeon X5460. What I would like to know was a BIOS microcode update needed for this board. Current build ASRock G41C-GS R2.0 Intel Q9400 650W PS 4GB DDR2 800Mhz 1 TB Seagate EVGA 750TI 2Gb OC
  4. saas1980

    Differential Backups, what happens to the previous backups?

    Hi, I'm running Windows 10 using 'Cobian backup' To date, I have always relied on full backups on a weekly basis and before my external drive approaches its full capacity, I delete most of the previous backups to keep it running smooth. Now I want to switch to differential backups (eyeing on...
  5. C

    ASUS prime x370-pro BIOS recovery

    So my husband did this Ryzen build partially using his old parts and did not check to see if the power source was sufficient.... It was not... So while updating the BIOS his computer crashed. He essentially has no BIOS now. We tried recovery through the motherboard DVD and on a flash drive...
  6. K

    Purchasing A Corsair H100i v2...

    I'm going to buy my new custom-built PC soon and I was wondering if it was possible to buy a Corsair H100i V2 AIO cooler that does not come with fans, as I will be replacing them with RGB ones... I don't want to waste money on parts I don't need.
  7. H

    Lost Internet Explorer

    It's there in safe mode but gone when I reboot Ive trued everything past 4 days,it's says I have explorer 11 I think it's service pack 1.can u help me please ,I need thus to operate security cameras,they don't work on any other browser
  8. V

    Thinking of upgrading motherboard

    I am currently using an 1150 lga processor intel core i7-4790k and nvidia titan x video card (which I intend to get a liquid cooling system for). I would like to replace my motherboard when I transplant my rig for better cooling and could use some advice in picking one since I don't have any...
  9. D

    ~$500 budget first computer

    Just trying to put together a cheap computer around $500. Planning on using this mainly for multitasking in CAD and light gaming. any input would be much appreciated.
  10. A

    FIRST BUILD need more help

    I bought an ASUS Prime Z270-a and other stuff to go with it. The case I bought is an NZXT S340 elite and theres no disc tray... so where do I go or what do I do with all the disc drivers... I got a disc with the MOBO but I have no clue what I'm suppose to do in the bio or to download whatever I...
  11. T

    CPU PSU or MOBO issue?

    MOBO: Asus z97 sabertooth mk2 CPU: i5 4440 PSU: Cougar GSX750 So I recently upgraded my PSU and now my PC is having a strange issue where it will power on for a couple seconds, not post but everything lights up and spins, then turn off and back on again. There's a red led in that says CPU_LED...
  12. RepoDraghon

    Is there a way to force the center speaker to come out the Right and Left channels?

    I'm watching YouTube vids and TV series on Amazon. However, the sound is only really coming out the Center of the 5.1 surround I have... Now, I know how to test the speakers to know if it is hooked up correctly (and they are), but this coming out the center is irritating me...
  13. A

    Laptop won't accept a charger

    When I plug in the charger to my HP laptop, I get a notification that reads "The Smart AC Adapter is not functioning correctly". I have tested another adapter and have gotten the same result. I took the battery out to try to run it directly from the AC adapter and the power button lights up for...
  14. C

    Phone to camera

    Connect s5 with bunker hill wireless security camera
  15. U

    Hard Freezes in Windows 10

    I'm at a lost point right now and realize I'm not going to get anywhere by myself anymore so I'm asking for help here. My issue stands in the hard freezes I've been getting for the past month or two. The freeze happens randomly, but usually while gaming. It doesn't happen during games like...
  16. S

    i7 7700k is overheating on idle

    my processor has been overheating on idle on 100 celusis am using ekwb liquid cooler but its not working how i can make this normal
  17. cangelini

    AMD Radeon RX Vega 56 8GB Review

    Radeon RX Vega 56 should be hitting store shelves with 3584 Stream processors and 8GB of HBM2. Should you scramble to snag yours or shop for something else? AMD Radeon RX Vega 56 8GB Review : Read more
  18. S

    EVGA Gtx 1060 6gb running at half FPS cant figure out why

    I recently built a new computer for my girlfriend and ended up with the following: Cpu: ryzen 1600 overclocked to 3.8 ghz /stock cooler Mobo: Tomahawk B350 atx form factor PSU: New evga 600w GPU: evga ssc 1050ti Ram: evga 16gb 3000 speed We then took back the 1050ti for a 1060 6gb ssc. I...
  19. peacetika

    CPU sort of fried (PC still works). Can I clean it?

    So I've had this PC for 9 or so years and about a year ago this problem arose to where my CPU was overheating when only playing games (reaches over 90 degrees, peaks at 100, 60 or so when not playing games)[Currently I stopped playing games on my PC and I now only use it for web browsing]...

    port forwarding questions

    am doing some mining and wondered if it would make things easyer maybe even better latency if i port forward to the computer i mine on? when doing so i can see the source addy and where i put the port for that source however what should i put for a local port am using a asus ac router? also do...