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    Question connection problems not allowing me to play online games pls help

    hello so a few days ago i had my pc in the basement connected wiredly to the router, i have been wanting to move it to my room for a long time now but i dont have a wifi card installed on it so only option is wired. i managed to install a tplink repeater in my room and connecting it to my pc...
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    Question 6 people LAN party, internet speed and network switch?

    So i'm planning to have a small LAN party with 6 people and was wondering if an 8 port 10/100mbps network switch would be good, i have 95mbps on my pc normally. Would that be enough bandwith for 6 people?
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    Question Singular Device Capping at ~200mb. Other devices all 1000mb.

    I have an issue that I just can't seem to solve for the life of me. Three devices. First, my main desktop. 3900x CPU with X570 AORUS PRO motherboard. It has Intel l211 Gigabit networking. With this, I get 200mb/sec using Second device is an older 4670k with Z87X-UD4H...
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    Question Bandwith problems with access point and switch

    Hello everybody, I got a problem with my bandwith in connection with an access point or switch. If I plug an access point (EDIMAX BR-6228nS) or switch (Level One FSW-0508TX or NETGEAR FS516) into the router (FRITZ BOX 6490 Cable) and test the bandwith with my pc connected to the device (cabel...
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    core i5-3550 cpu

    is intel core i5-3550 enough for gamimng
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    1080p on 1440p monitor?

    Hello. I am planning on buying a 1440p monitor. My question is: can i play games at 1080p on a 1440p monitor? Im not going to play all games at 1080p but maybe a couple. Specs: Gpu: Asus GTX 970 Strix Cpu: i7 6700k Well, the rest is probably not that important.
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    Wattage of this system?

    Websites have been giving me a wide array of answers. Asrock 970 Extreme4 FX 8320 Stock speeds + cooler GTX 770 320gb 7200rpm 8gb Hyper X 1886 DDR3 Thanks
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    Windows 8 Hard drive

    So I said I'd try and fix my sisters samsung windows 8 64-bit laptop which is stuck in a boot loop and i've tried almost everything to get it out of the boot loop like making a recovery drive, taking out the hard drive and powering it on to get an f4 option, none of the f-keys work in the...
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    What should i buy to increase my FPS?

    Hey! I need some help on what to buy if i want to increase my fps in CS:Go Im currently playing with 40-50 FPS with lowest graphics and with 16:9 | 1280x760 My Computer is an Acer Aspire TC105 with a A-10 6800k APU (i bought it after my A-10 6700 didn't work) I just got told in another forum i...