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    Question Audio issues in Batman: Arkham Asylum

    Hello! I recently was gifted Batman: Arkham Asylum through Steam. However, when I attempted to play it, as soon as you are brought to the Main Menu, I could hear a very loud crackling and static noise. This then went away during the first cutscene, and the audio during gameplay is very crackly...
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    Question CPU Temperature while gaming on Laptop

    My I7 9750H CPU temp is changing around between 80 and 100 celsius while playing Arkham Knight in 1080p 60 fps (It reaches 90-100 celsius mostly while driving Batmobile) with everything maxed out except interactive smoke/fog.Wondering if it's normal or not.Thanks in advance. Here is the...
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    Need help with build Budget is around 1400-1600. I could save money on the ssd. Im hoping to have a build that can play newer games like dark souls 3 when it comes out on highest or 2nd highest graphics. my monitor is 23 inches 1080p.