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  1. Stereodactyl

    Question Can UPS and air conditioner be connected in the same duplex outlet?

    I've been wondering if it's safe to plug an 1500VA/900W UPS in the same outlet as the 5000 BTU window air conditioner is connected in a duplex receptacle. Can that affect the connected appliances/devices in some way if they're both running? Living with a power grid of 120V/60Hz and having 2...
  2. EsmaFingerpin

    [SOLVED] Battery Backup Question

    So I asked my computer builder what Voltage amps that my computer tower would pull out and was told 500 max but that it will usually pull out 200 VA So I went ahead and bought this as a battery back up -...
  3. C

    Where would i get broken hardware?

    I prefer more recent hardware but it can be really broken. I can't really think of a place that has these things and no one offers broken hardware
  4. S

    razer synapse is not installed (but it says it is)

    i dont have synapse installed but it says i do i checked all my sources and and i dont have it installed at all...i think is a bug for razer synapse...can someone help me with this? it comes up with this yet like i said i dont have it installed...
  5. B

    Pump and Res Mounting 750D

    I am looking into doing a custom watercooled pc, but I was wondering if I will be able to use the included mounting hardware with the EK-XRES 140 Revo D5 PWM Pump/Res Combo and not have to drill any holes into my Corsair 750D.
  6. G

    All Computer Audio Plays Through Microphone

    My gaming headset has an issue where it plays all of my computer audio through my microphone. Basically, any music, videos, or game audio I am hearing in my headset, other people can hear through my mic on Skype/Steam/etc. I googled this issue, and went through 5 pages of people with the same...
  7. InvertedMortal

    Gaming Case 2x 140mm fans

    Hey, I am looking for a case that looks nice, has (at least) 3 5.25” drive bays and it needs to have space for a 280mm radiator the one I am looking at is the corsair H110 http:// and the case I am looking at is the Carbide Series 500R http:// Please Help Thank you.
  8. D

    sabertooth z87 for future workstation

    if im going to buy lga1150 Asus TUF Sabertooth Z87 can i still used my Intel Core i3 4130 3.4Ghz (Dual Core) Haswell?