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  1. brwa

    Question Using different voltage battery for my laptop

    Hi, I’ve an acer laptop (Acer aspire e15) and it’s battery was blown up and doesn’t work anymore. So I ordered a new battery off amazon with correct voltage which was 11.1V as it was written on the battery. But now I got the battery but it’s not the voltage I ordered, it’s 10.95V. Which is very...
  2. T

    Question Google Pixel 3 XL battery issue

    Having what looks like a battery calibration problem with my Pixel 3 XL (in a potent illustration of why I hate phones that don't have removable batteries and hate more that any and all new phones of consequence are manufactured that way). After a period of heavy usage, the battery saver...
  3. A

    Question Everything stopped working except the fan.

    Few months ago my keyboard stopped working while I was working and it was just a series of keys. The next day even more keys stopped working. Then I bought a new keyboard and it worked fine. Then the next day the whole computer wouldn't boot. So I ditched my notebook and again I took it...
  4. J

    Question My laptop's battery is acting strange. Is it a hardware or software problem.

    A few weeks ago my battery started displaying incorrectly and my computer started acting strangely. The battery icon would show empty and not charging but when I click on it it shows 100% charged. When I unplug the computer the computer still runs so the battery appears to still be working...
  5. T

    Question Spilled a tiny bit into my pc

    I recently bought new motherboard, cpu and ram and last night my screens went black after i spilled some water. I looked through the case as much i could and found this: View: I got a tip to remove it with alcohol and bake it in 70C/ 160f. Should i do as he Said or...
  6. A

    Question Setting 4K laptop display to 1080p

    Does setting a 4k laptop display to 1080p help with battery life and when the 4k screen downscales to 1080p, how does the screen quality compare to a native 1080p screen? When I downscaled my 4k screen to 1080p it looked like things were slightly blurrier which seems to make sense considering...
  7. E

    Laptop Always Plugged In?

    I have a Dell Latitude E6520 and I usually just use it at home all the time with a monitor so I sort of treat it like a desktop. But what happens when I leave the laptop always plugged in/connected to power? Will it damage the battery and in a worst case scenario, will it short circuit or damage...
  8. Zalext

    Question New battery - Old Laptop

    Hi, What battery would be better for an old laptop? (Samsung NP-QX411-W01US | Mid 2011) An original Samsung? Or A different trademark for that model? I mean, the cells on the original one probably will be as old as the computer itself? Another trademark would have newer cells? Sure, depending...
  9. T

    Question Is 88% battery health good?

    I recently bought a Samsung phone from a reputable phone refurbishing company on eBay and the phone came with the battery health at 88%. They accept returns and I was wondering if the battery health is too low or not?
  10. C

    Question Acer Aspire 5750G battery drains to 0% after 20 minutes, and after booting windows again holds another 50min with that 0%

    Hi there, I have this problem for a long time and it gave me dizziness, my laptop (Acer 5750g) has problem that, i plug in battery to charge and it charges to 100%, I unplug it and it drains to 0% as far as 20 minutes. Laptop immediately goes to hibernation mode, then I turn it on again, and it...
  11. J

    Question Power Supply Question/Backup UPC

    So, I'm about to buy a backup battery for my PC, I live in Florida so that means lots of very brief power surges, and I'm scared that my pc will get fried one day. So I have one already, but it's not enough for it to sustain gaming without beeping incessantly. I'm looking to get a 600w APC...
  12. MINEZ

    Question laptop battery dead or not ?

    hey, guys, I have this old dell precision m4800 and one day the laptop stops detecting the battery and I have done the cmd command and here is the power report PS: the battery is not...
  13. D

    Question Why is my mac's battery draining so fast?

    I own a Macbook Air 11 inch mid 2011(4,1). So, I have been noticing that recently my mac's battery drains faster than normal. It also has the service battery warning on it. I installed coconut battery and it says that I have completed 374 charge cycles and my full charge capacity is 2538 mAh...
  14. R

    Question dell laptop won't start without power.

    model: dell 7560. My laptop has an issue where it wont start up its not connected to the power. also it will switch off if i disconnect the power I've been trying to fix this for a while. The led light blinks 4 times orange and 1 times white. i tried replacing the battery on my own thinking that...
  15. T

    [SOLVED] Calculate Li-Po battery capacity. nominal or full charge voltage?

    So I have a li-po battery which says 15Wh on it, I'd like to calculate the capacity in mAh, but which voltage do I use, nominal (3.7V) or full charge voltage (4.2v) ?
  16. M

    Question Battery 2 not showing as not present

    Hello every one! I have a problem and i tried couple solutions and none of them works. I will explain which one. Before i did a reset on the laptop the battery was working fine. Battery 1 and 2 they were charging both to 100%. But after the reset i got problem that the battery 1 not charging...
  17. N

    Question HP battery Help

    On an HP laptop, when the battery is in it, it will be on for a minute then it makes a popping sound and instantly dies. But if I take the battery out and run it on the cord it runs fine, do I just need a new battery?
  18. Anthony Mondz

    Question HP Notebook having battery problems

    When I try to charge it, it refuses to charge, Windows won't detect that it is charging or even plugged in, If I shut it down it will charge perfectly, I also get a 40 or 45 error when I do a battery check in HP Support Assist, If I try to run it without the battery it will not turn on at all, I...