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  1. Reniro

    Iphone battery charging from powerbank

    Hello everyone I bought a powerbank for my new Iphone and I noticed that while it's charging, the phone gets very hot. I know that it's bad for iphones to get too hot. Wanted to read your opinion about this situation. I use original iphone charging cable. Iphone 13 ttec PowerSlim Pro W...
  2. B

    Question A power spike killed my battery... or is it the power supply

    It's a Dell Precision M3800 laptop with a 130w power supply. The battery is showing 90% capacity in HWinfo. There were lightning storms overnight and the charge went from 100% to 0%. Now it won't charge at all. Should I replace the battery and/or the power supply?
  3. vikaskumar2299

    Question Why would 940MX GPU throttles when laptop is charging? Runs much better on just battery.

    I have Dell Inspiron 7570 laptop with 940MX 4GB GPU. If I play GTA5 on just battery, the GPU clocks are above 900 MHz. But as soon as I plug it in, it keeps fluctuating between 900 to around 400 MHz every 2-3 minutes. I mean game will run smooth for couple of minutes then for next couple of...
  4. W

    Question High battery wear with low cycle count

    I just replaced my laptop's battery with a genuine replacement off ebay. While the actual battery is from HP itself, it appears to not be new (it was listed as new). According to powercfg's battery report and HWinfo, the battery has 17.2% wear on it with only 2 cycles. It's a 50wh battery...
  5. H

    Question Motherboard trying to use internal graphics instead of the discreet graphics card

    In my BIOS, I pressed an option that said "Load Optimised Defaults". Ever since, my PC has just had a black screen whenever I try to boot it up and my monitor says no signal. I tried to swap out the graphics card for another, but the same thing happened. I used the CMOS jumper and removed my...
  6. D

    Question Laptop turns off on its own randomly, not sure why. Turns back on normally after, but randomly turns off again after a few hours of use ?

    I have a laptop that I have been using for many years, and yesterday it suddenly just turns off on its own without warning. Today the same thing happened again. I've looked around and the causes suggested by the sites are overheating, malware, and failing battery. Based on Malwarebytes and Avast...
  7. D

    Question Laptop battery stopped taking charge and now it doesn't stay on while plugged in?

    I have an Acer Travelmate P2. It was totally normal, the battery seemed healthy, it was taking and holding charge with no issues. Then one day it stopped holding any charge yet being plugged in and the laptop recognises that it's plugged in and trying to charge. This has lasted for around 2-4...
  8. J

    I just bought a CHUWI corebook x and I want to replace the battery.

    So I just bought a CHUWI corebook x and I really like it. But the stock battery is kinda small out the box and I'm worried about having to replace it in a few years since CHUWI has bad customer support and CHUWI is not such a popular brand. Can I just buy a battery that is not made exactly for...
  9. _dawn_chorus_

    [SOLVED] Which type of game controller will drain the battery faster, Bluetooth, wireless USB or wired USB ?

    Is there a distinguishable difference in battery life depending on what type of game controller you use for gaming on a laptop ?
  10. TheFlash1300

    Question Can leaving ta laptop turned on 24/7 damage it?

    If i leave my laptop turned on and plugged in 24/7, will this lead to damage, if no overheating is happening, and the temperatures of all components are normal? Should i expect damage to the battery and shortened life-span and durability of the battery?
  11. A

    Question Asus FX504 not charging ?

    Hi there! I have this Asus FX504 laptop, it had a shorted capacitor on CPU voltage rail - causing it to not turn on for a few weeks. Now after I removed the shorted cap, the laptop boots and works fine, but doesn't charge or run on battery at all. I plug in the charger, orange charging light...
  12. S

    Question Laptop battery dying in under an hour???

    My laptop is dying in under an hour I replaced it yesterday and I am still having the same problem The only thing I can see, is under task manager the task 'iaStorAfsService.exe Intel(R) Optane(TM) Memory Service' is constantly on 'high' or 'very high' Please help!! :)
  13. ethan206

    [SOLVED] Third-party battery packs for Canon EOS M50 DSLR ?

    I want to pick up a new pair of batteries (LP-E12) for my Canon M50 Mark II, but I was also a bit sceptical of the ones I saw. I noticed that the official Canon ones (which only carry about 875mAh of capacity) cost upwards of $60 when on Amazon I can find higher capacity ones (linked down below)...
  14. T

    BSOD Toshiba Satellite

    This laptop was shutting off randomly and it still does to this day, it cannot be used and this screen pops up, i dont have the battery in it btw.
  15. B

    [SOLVED] Gigabyte P35 Laptop - Not Holding Charge/Charging

    Hi all, TL:DR; Laptop had swollen battery and didn't last over 30 mins before dying. I bought newish battery, new PSU and it now won't hold a charge or run unless it's plugged in. What could be the hardware issues I'm facing? Back story is, I purchased a 2nd hand Gigabyte P35 laptop from eBay...
  16. S

    Question Is this battery rechargeable ?

    I am trying to figure out if the battery is rechargeable, or not rechargeable. It says Ni-Cd AAA 200mAh 1.2V XINGTAI NEW ENERGY TECHNOLOGY CO.LTD Made on 2019 MADE IN CHINA CAUTION Battery must be recycled, do not dispose of in fire Keep away from small children who might still put things in...
  17. P

    Question Battery and Wifi stopped working on laptop.

    Both Battery and Wireless stopped working on Laptop around the same time. It works fine when plugged in but shuts down as soon as I take out the power chord. Internet only works via ethernet. Tried to charge the PC overnight, updated all drivers, switched to multiple OS's (windows, ubuntu...
  18. DΛN080603

    [SOLVED] BIOS Reset with battery

    Specs: MB: ASUS PRIME B360M-A CPU: Intel Core i5-9400F @ 2.90GHz RAM: Kingston HyperX Predator 8GB GPU: Gigabyte Nvidia Geforce GT 1030 OC 2G I Have a problem with my motherboard, bios reset with battery, and appear this message everytime i shut dowm my PSU. American Megatrends logo PC Info...
  19. [SOLVED] Laptop battery possible damage question

    Hello all, I just ordered a replacement battery for my laptop. It's a BI03XL rechargeable battery and the side of it looks cracked along the edge. It looks like it's just the label but I don't know batteries & want to make sure that it's safe to install & won't cause any damage or hazards. Thank...
  20. M

    Question HP Omen 17 having issues with high CPU usage & brightness/battery/airplane mode in Windows 11

    After moving to Windows 11, I'm often noticing that my system process keeps using around 13-17% CPU constantly. It goes on for hours and just doesn't stop. Restarting doesn't always seem to fix the problem. The only solution seems to be to shutdown and start the laptop all over again. When I do...
  21. L

    Question DC Powered ATX Motherboard

    I am building a DC Powered ATX Power supply to run my motherboard. The old power supply died and I have the rest of my equipment running off of a deep cycle battery with a Samlex battery charger. When the power goes out, everything continues to run.... So I have purchased some Meanwell DC-DC...
  22. W

    [SOLVED] ASUS TUF F15 battery level drops when shutting down

    Hello, everyone! I'm new here, nice to meet you all and I have THREE questions. I hope I post this on the correct category. 1. What is the correct way to maintain battery health for heavy gaming? I've read a lot of articles and everything isn't consistent regarding on how to maintain your...
  23. T

    [SOLVED] Need a application for lock my HP note book battery charging limit at 80%

    Have a normal HP notebook book laptop. And I need third party software that can lock my charge level at 80%. I think HP doesn't have any software for charge limit. Yes I know HP's Gaming series of laptops has this feature(software) like omen and pavilion Gaming. BTW model number of my laptop is...
  24. TechieMomma

    Question Alienware power system/ battery issues

    Hey Guys. Thanks for looking! I've spent months off and on searching for answers for this. Here's the basic breakdown and what's been done. AlienWare 17R3 - Out of extended warranty ~ 6 months ago. BIOS shows version 1.13.1 6/10/21 - However may not have been completed -- see below...
  25. Jucuco

    [SOLVED] Battery Percentage and Approximate Time Remaining Difficulty

    Hello, This is a pretty dumb question, but I was wondering if there is a different way to calibrate a laptop battery. Right now, I am using a Lenovo Thinkpad T14 Gen 1 Laptop, and my issue is that my battery will, for example, read 96% with ~5 hours remaining, but 5-10 minutes later, it'll...
  26. Luisito3107

    [SOLVED] Overheating charger with new battery in ProBook 4540s ?

    It is a ProBook 4540s. The original battery is at least 8 years old, the battery lasts 1 hour at most. Last week I bought a new battery (HSTNN-LB2R) and a new charger (18.5V 3.5A), and made sure both were compatible, the specs matched well. Although the battery worked fine, the charger got...
  27. I

    [SOLVED] DELL Studio 1555 issues ?

    My ancient dell studio1555 laptop suddenly does not boot on battery alone. The progress indicator is stuck in middle. However it boots normally with battery removed and directly on mains adapter. When i insert the battery when it is running on adapter, it shows battery symbol. Laptop doesn't...
  28. B

    [SOLVED] My HP laptop power ON only when battery removed

    Hi, My HP elitebook 8470p is not getting powered ON but If I disconnect the battery and boot it with just power cord, it boots & works fine. I tested the battery on another Laptop (exact model) and it works fine. I tried other Laptop's battery on my laptop then my laptop doesn't power ON...
  29. S

    [SOLVED] Lenovo Z50-70 battery

    Hello there ; I bought a new battery for my lenovo z50-70 ; because it is a lithuim type it was recommended to be charged for 8 hours. I almost forgot didn't do it . I let the battery it die now and wanted it to charge for 8 hours . does this have the same effect. the problem is sometime my...
  30. tgbao2703

    [SOLVED] Laptop charger disconnects at 98%, reconnects itself shortly after ?

    Hello guys :D I'm very glad to see you. After a night, my laptop got a charging issue ...: When my HP laptop's battery reachs 98%, it automatically disconnect from charger while it is plugged in. When my laptop's battery reachs 97%, it automatically connect, it charge up to 98% and then...
  31. V

    Question Toshiba Satellite C55t-C5300 shutting off on its own after hardware upgrade.

    Hello! So I have had this Toshiba Satellite laptop for a while, and recently decided to upgrade the hardware inside. I had 6 GB of RAM in this laptop which I upgraded to 16 GB. I had a 2.5" 1 TB HDD (that was actually close to failure from being constantly floored) that I replaced with a 2.5" 1...
  32. R

    [SOLVED] Laptop Battery Wear

    I bought a used laptop about 2 years ago. Its battery wasn't the greatest, it only lasted about 1.5-2 hours. However, starting from a year ago, a problem started to gradually appear. It first started by the cpu speed not exceeding 0.94 GHz when my battery's capacity is from 80% to 100% during...
  33. P

    [SOLVED] Lenovo Thinkpad T440 only charges when the charger is connected before it's turned on

    The problem looks like this: If I turn on the laptop and try to connect the charger, the power button just keeps flashing and the battery is draining. But if I connect the charger first while the laptop is off and power it on, then the battery is charging just fine under windows 10. If I...
  34. Question ROG Laptop not charging even though no issue with battery

    When I boot the laptop it shows 0% plugged in only like below image It is like this for a week now after I started using this laptop. This laptop has not been powered on for like a month. Here is the battery report from windows. Do you guys think it could be BIOS related issue since the...
  35. M

    Question DRAM led lights red after CMOS clear (Bios reset)

    I put together a budget system for very little money and everything worked out quite well, but whenever I wanted to restart the computer, I only got a black picture, but all the fans were turning and I could even blindly use the keyboard and mouse to use. After I shut down the PC using the off...
  36. S

    [SOLVED] Laptop - Force shutting down then immediately turning back on again causes damage of any kind?

    Hi all, I had to force shutdown my laptop recently due to a no boot device screen, and started my computer up a little bit too fast. I know I likely had an HDD issue during this time, but somewhere near logging into windows my HDD makes a single distinct mechanical noise and it worries me. So...
  37. cookiealexd123

    Question Asus UX303 power button not working

    I apparently broke my keyboard from blowdrying it so swapped it for my spare. Problem is the power button does not work. If I remove the internal components, put them back in and plug the ac in, the laptop boots up automatically. However the power key won't even shut it down etc And if I try...
  38. J

    [SOLVED] How good of an idea is to keep using a worn out battery?

    TL;DR: could it be any downside in heavily using a worn-out battery to 23% of its original capacity in a gaming laptop? Hello, I have a Dell 7577. I bought it in 2018 and as it was my first laptop with a decent GPU, I didn't know how quickly the battery of these things wear out. By the end of...
  39. Ralph AJ

    [SOLVED] Battery stuck at 94% and if unplugged, laptop turns off 5 minutes later. What is the problem?

    Hello everybody, My problem is: plugged in, my laptop battery sometimes charges and sometimes not, stuck between 93 and 95%, and when unplugged, it only lasts 5 minutes or so. But, I opened the battery and checked the voltage, which is 16V exactly. I am clueless, if anybody can help me, it...
  40. E

    [SOLVED] Problem with laptop battery

    I have a 4 year old Dell laptop (Windows 10) which I mostly used on AC power. Even when I used battery power, I used an external battery pack, so as to preserve the internal battery. A few months ago I used the laptop on battery power, and it was fine. Working normally. Now I find the following...